Hand Grinding Bench

LEV-CO TIP: If grinding in a booth, use 100 fpm face velocity and provide equal distribution.

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Down Draft Tables
Down Draft Tables. Sometimes the best solution for extracting welding fumes is right on the table.This is generally referred to as a Down Draft Table. The Downdraft Table serves as both a workbench and an air cleaner. A rigid grill supports the product, while an air cleaner below draws smoke and fumes down and away from the worker's breathing zone. A worker can weld, grind, and cut on the surface of the table while dust and fumes get sucked away from breathing air space

Some important points to consider when purchasing:
  • What is the velocity or the air required to pull the fumes and dust downward into the table (Capture Velocity)? (Add up the CFM for all of the inlets that will run at once)
  • What is velocity at the Table surface required to achieve the appropriate Capture velocity (Face velocity)?
  • Do I have enough filter media (Air to cloth ratio) in the collector?
  • Will it stand up to the working environment (Eg: is it made from Plastic or Steel?)
  • Filter cleaning: Does the filter cleaning system really work in your application?
  • What will be my filter, maintenance and energy costs per year?
  • Are there any tertiary risks such as fire, explosion, etc, that I need to consider?
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