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Auto Shop - Engineering Control Methods

In auto shops, various industrial equipment is used for hours on end. Some of this equipment, such as power tools, and vehicles, generate toxic fumes that, when inhaled, can cause long-term health problems. These toxins include hydrocarbons, abrasive dust from metal grinding, and off-gassing from oils.

Controlling these toxins is paramount to maintaining a safe work environment.

See below for a full list of engineering control methods.

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Ambient Air Cleaners
Animated Diagram for Ambient Air Cleaners
At-Source Capture Systems
Back & Side Draft Systems
Animated Diagram for Back & Side Draft Systems
Centrally Ducted Filter Units
Animated Diagram for Centrally Ducted Filter Units
Dust Control Booths
Animated Diagram for Dust Control Booths
Exhaust Fans & Controls
Animated Diagram for Exhaust Fans & Controls
Extraction Arms
Animated Diagram for Extraction Arms
Portable Filter Units
Animated Diagram for Portable Filter Units
Portable HEPA Filters - Large Spaces
Animated Diagram for Portable HEPA Filters - Large Spaces
Wall/Floor Mounted Filters
Animated Diagram for Wall/Floor Mounted Filters