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Animated diagram for Extraction Arms
Extraction Arms
1. What are they?
An extraction arm is a Capture or receiving device designed to capture aerosols at the emission point before the contaminants have a chance to reach the workers' breathing space. Typically, it is the 1st and most crucial part of an LEV or Local Exhaust & Ventilation system. NB: NB: Local exhaust ventilation can also be referred to as process ventilation or Industrial Ventilation, or Local Control ventilation.

Available in several different designs:
  • Internally Supported
  • Externally Supported
  • Telescopic
  • Mild or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Lengths: Up to 45'
  • 2.5" to 8" Diameter's Available
Typically the Extraction Arms are connected to a fixed extraction fan, Filter system or dust collector via direct mounting or a "Header Type" duct system.

For more info, relate to the links below:
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2. Suitable applications?
3. Will it make my workplace safer?
Yes, but only when systems are designed, installed, and used precisely. Unlike Dilution ventilation, Extraction arms can return significant energy savings and improvements in health and safety. However, the precision at which they must be designed, installed, and used can be complex. Lev-co uses three procedures to determine the design and installation of our extraction arms. These three procedures are OSHA HOC (hierarchy of controls), MOC (management of change), and PSR (pre-start safety review) Lev-co recommends that these three procedures, when appropriate, should be used when selecting extraction arms as a capture method.

Here are links to examples of these three procedures:
OSHA Hierarchy of controls
MOC Management of change sample document
PSR Pre-start Health and Safety review
4. Suitable industries & environments
Extraction arms are essential for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. In many benchtop applications, such as welding and soldering, where a closed-off isolation chamber is not possible, a point source capture system is needed to keep the constant stream of smoke under control.

Depending on the rate and intensity of production in your facility, the rate of fumes and smoke may rapidly increase workers' risk as a result of the volume of smoke, heat, and consistency of fumes. While some processes require minimal extraction rates, others will need high-intensity extraction capabilities. We ensure that our wide range of configurations will accommodate your specific application.

Below is a full list of processes associated with extraction arms:
  • Welding, Welding Fumes and Soldering
  • Laboratories and Laboratory Fumes
  • Metalworking Fumes
  • Grinding
  • Cutting
  • Oil Mist
  • Painting
  • Polishing
  • Packaging
  • Light Dust
For more insight on configurations for welding and metal-shop, read the article below:

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You can also refer to our Industry solution page for a list of processes.
5. Available models and variants
You can find a full selection by viewing our Catalog
6. What criteria to consider
The configuration of an extraction system depends on many variables. The intensity of your productions process determines the rate of accumulation of fumes, which determines the rate of airflow needed to effectively capture, which then determines the required air : cloth ratio of your filter.

How do you determine a suitable configuration?
  • What contaminant are you extracting?
  • What is the rate of containment accumulation per second?
  • What are the physical limitations/protocols of your facility?
  • How often will it be used?
Things to consider:

  • How large is your facility? (how much reach to you need)
  • How many workers are working with contaminants at any given time?
  • Where are fumes being extracted? (pre-defined locations, or movable workstations)
  • Capacity (How much flow will the extraction arm handle?)
  • Capture velocity (can the extraction accommodate the required capture velocity to capture the aerosol?)
  • Easy to use (How many articulations/joints does the extraction arm have?)
  • Stay in place? (Does the extraction stay in place, how often do the joints need to be tightened?
  • Extension hoods (Do you need a large diameter extension hood, eg 36" diameter?) (Optional)
  • Can the extraction arm withstand the Pressure/abrasion/corrosion/etc?

For more questions about configurations and criteria, contact us, or click the link below to get a better understanding of the importance of accurate configurations.

Welding Productivity
7. Pros and cons versus other engineering control methods

Remove airborne toxins at source before they enter any worker's breathing zone
Low energy costs (Heat loss, electrical energy)
Allow the use of smaller filtration equipment
Well suited for "on-demand" controls allowing for greater flow at the source, yet lower overall flow
Some extraction arms allow the supporting of items like wire feeders, Compressed air cord reels, and electrical cord reels for increased productivity
Better visibility through the addition of hood-mounted lighting solutions
Optimized hoods, large-diameter receiving hoods, and hose extensions are effective solutions where capture or hood placement is difficult
hood can be rotated 90 degrees (perpendicular to the floor), eliminating shadowing
when used correctly, the operator can visually see the contaminant being safely drawn away from the process
Options of 115 volt means the portable filter units are effortless to install anywhere in a facility


Operator needs to be comfortable with the use of the arm to ensure adequate capture
Arms not always available in larger diameters for required capture velocity
Production time lost to place the extraction arm in place
Cannot always reach the point of emission
Worker buy-in is not always achieved due to a lack of fume capture
Fugitive emission released into the workspace
Some extractors are not built to withstand the working environment
poor design can lead to excess capture velocity resulting in extra capture velocity (Shielding gases loss) and air noise.
8. Preventing the spread of airborne fumes and chemicals
Industrial workers are exposed to a variety of health hazards every day. As a result, these workers risk the possibility of becoming sick, ill, and disabled for life. According to a WHO estimate (WHO, 2000), unintentional poisonings led to 300 000 deaths in the year 2000.

It's our mission to diminish that figure, but it only works if the correct equipment is used, and configured correctly. Our team works to make the logistics of those questions as straightforward and coherent as possible, and as such, will work with you to provide you with the best extraction system that fits your worker's needs. From accessibility and usability to reliability and longevity.

You can read more about the risks and preventions of fume extraction below:

9. Effectiveness versus dilution ventilation
The integral flaw with dilution ventilation is the contaminants picked up by the system are not ultimately removed from the air. As a result, dilution ventilation is ineffective against most contaminants produced in industrial processes, such as metal fumes, abrasive dust, vapors, gases, and toxic chemicals. Local exhaust ventilation eliminates these issues through the capture of contaminants near or at the source of the contaminant, not allowing the contaminant to enter the breathing space, or the workplace atmosphere.

To read up more about the benefits of local exhaust ventilation versus dilution ventilation, refer to these links:
Use of local exhaust and dilution ventilation
10. Maintenance costs
The maintenance costs associated with our extraction arms are considerably low. Unlike some companies that construct extraction arms out of plastic and diecast white metal, all structural components of our products are made using mild/stainless steel, or aluminum.

Provided the system is adjusted correctly prior to use, and the hose is configured for your contaminant and application, these extraction arms will provide years of service with minimal maintenance.

Energy Saving:
With the use of a local exhaust ventilation system and capture at source functionality, the maintenance costs for your system will ultimately go down as a result of associated efficiency. With capture at source functionality, the area at which extraction is occurring is far smaller than the area a large duct vent would be pulling from, and as a result, far less energy is needed to complete the extraction, which runs components at lower stress levels, and boosts longevity, and reduces energy bills.
11. Do's and Don'ts
  • Use the extraction system for it's applicable contaminant
  • Always refer to the manual before using the system for different contaminant

  • Don't use the extraction arm for incorrect applications. For example, if your extraction arm is configured for non-flammable contaminants, don't use it for contaminants such as VOCs
12. Installation tips and tricks
Our extraction arms come in a large range of configurations. Including wall mounts, ceiling mounts, bench, and tabletop mounts. With a wide range of accessories, extraction arms can also be mounted to adjustable mounting configurations for wide span and reach.

You can find a list of Extraction Arm accessories here. For more questions about installation options, call our sales office.
flexi-extraction-arm-internally-supported - 3D Main Image 300
FLEXI Extraction Arms are an excellent solution for capturing low flowing fumes and dust at their origin and expelling it safely away from users into the atmosphere.

Available from 5'-17' total length. 6.5'' & 8'' diameter hose. Typical flowrate of 650 CFM on 6.5'' hose to 1000 CFM on 8'' hose.

FLEXI Extraction Arms come "ready to install" straight from the package with a wall bracket.

FLEXI Extraction Arms are perfect to use in garages and repair shops as the arm allows you to directly cover sources of fumes, dust and gases at any angle due to the arms flexibility.

FLEXI Extraction Arms are also able to support hoses for higher temperature capture applications such as in vehicle exhaust and welding fumes, up to 700º F. Optional components include:
  • Exhaust Fan comes with motor overload
  • Bird Screen
  • Backdraft Damper
  • Exhaust Duct
  • Wall Flashing
  • Extension Hoses & Hoods
Mini-MAX D. 3inch, D. 4inch. Wall/Ceiling mounting 3ft 4ft 5ft long
mini-max-extraction-arm - 3D Main Image 300
Soldering, Gluing and Laboratories
Mini-Flex Extraction arms are designed to extract smoke, gas and light dust from soldering, grinding, gluing and laboratory work.
001 - Equipment Specification and Dimension Drawings:
001a - How to Install (How to install local exhaust system, Isometric and Exploded Views):
002 - Brochures:
Pro-Flex Extraction Arm - All Applications to 30’ - Externally Supported - Diameter & Flow to suit
pro-flex-extraction-arm - 3D Main Image 300
The externally supported PRO-FLEX Extraction Arm is a superior arm that comes complete with an advanced "parallelogram / counter balanced" design eliminating the need for continual adjustment of friction joints and allowing for unparalleled ease of use. The PRO-FLEX is an ideal solution for most "source-capture" applications.

It is not just a stretched out extractor arm. Two ball-bearing mounted horizontal arms with disc-brakes give an excellent horizontal maneuverability. It is also specifically recommended for applications requiring an "easy to position" extractor that does not require constant adjustment.
Pro-Flex Extractor Crane is the optimal solution when you need to cover large work areas. It come in 28 different configurations:
  • Lengths: 3M (10') -- 4M (14') -- 5m (17’) -- 6m (20') -- 7m (23’) -- 8m (26’) -- 9 m (30’)
  • Diameters: 100mm (4”) -- 125mm (5”) -- 160mm (6.5”) -- 200mm (8”).
SUPER FLEX© 6.5'' Ø (650 CFM) & 8'' Ø (1000 CFM) with EXTENDED reach up to 70'
super-flex-extraction-arm - 3D Main Image 300
EXTENDED REACH Extractor arms provide unsurpassed range of motion up to 70'.

The extractor arm is based on the new parallelogram technology and 3 spring assisted joints give unsurpassed vertical movement. Cable, hoses, welding tools, etc., up to 50 kg (110 lbs.) can be suspended from the horizontal arm.
EZ Extraction Arm - Extraction Arms
ez-arm-high-flow-and-pressure-extraction-arm - 3D Main Image 300
The EZ-ARM High Flow Extractor is an excellent solution for most medium to high volume extraction applications.

Available in 3 lengths- 2m (7’), 3m (10’), 4m (14'), 6m (20'), and 8m (26').

All arms come with 7 inch diameter hose.

The EZ-ARM High Flow Extractor is an excellent solution for most medium to high volume extraction applications.

The arm comes complete with Airflow Systems' patented friction release pawl-and-sprocket design. This extraction arm engages positively when placed in its final position, yet offers no resistance when re-positioning is required.
A large 13” Ø inlet hood with a 360° flange handle allows simple positioning of the hood (versus single handle designs).

This extractor comes in 3 lengths- 2m (7’), 3m (10’), 4m (14'), 6m (20'), 8m (26') - and 175mm (7”) diameter.

  • 65 Watt Halogen Light Kit: Improves worker visibility and productivity.
  • Damper: Shut off air flow when not in use.
  • Blowers: Several sizes available.
  • Silencer: Reduces air flow noise for quieter operation.
  • Wall Brackets: Maximizes installation versatility.
  • Adjustable Height Floor Stand: Maximum height of 120 inches adds installation versatility.
  • Filtration Units: HEPA, cartridge, and odor-control filter systems available based on application.
  • Boom Extensions: System includes steel boom arm, boom arm wall bracket, tube kit, flex hose, and one transition to 8-in. dia.
PRX - Extraction Arms
prx-extraction-arm-welding-fumes-dust-gases - 3D Main Image 300
An excellent solution for a variety of contaminants, PRX extraction arms have high reach capabilities, and options of 5-inch and 6-inch diameter hose.

The PRX is extremely easy to maneuver, while at the same time offering great positional stability, even with the arm fully extended. The suction nozzle can be angled through 90° in all directions, and the wall attachment has a 360° swivel function. The smooth interior of the suction tube makes the extractor very easy to clean.

The external position of the link joints provides a pressure drop that is around 50% lower than that of internal linkage systems. The suction nozzle is made entirely of sheet steel with a quick-coupling system for accessories.

Unique on the market

The PRX is equipped with knobs for adjusting the friction joints. The knob is easy to adjust and provides great flexibility in the desired resistance. This makes the PRX unique on the market today.

The PRX arm is based on an externally supported design that provides:
  • Low pressure drop
  • Low risk of blockage
  • Low energy consumption
  • Quiet operation
Evo Arm - Extraction Arm
large-diameter-fume-extractor-10-8-6inch-diameter-welding-fume-collection - 3D Main Image 300
The Evo Arm extractor is great for applications where powerful solutions are needed. These arms are highly effective for source capture of fumes, smoke, dust, and gases produced by a wide variety of industrial processes.

The Evo Arm extractor is an excellent solution for expelling fumes, smoke, dust, and gases from work surfaces.

The arm extracts via a fully articulated tapered hood, allowing for tailored positioning for maximum efficiency. The hinge design offers external support for unobstructed airflow, and effortless positioning, all while offering durable construction for years of uninterrupted operation.

3 bracket options gives you the choice between 180, 340 degrees for column mounting, and 360 degree rotation on the ceiling mount.

  • Steel wall support bracket
  • Stainless steel wall support bracket
  • Exhaust Hood Light Kit
  • Spark Deflector Kit
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Extension Booms
  • Wall Brackets
  • Exhaust Fans
001 - Equipment Specification and Dimension Drawings:
001a - How to Install (How to install local exhaust system, Isometric and Exploded Views):
Super-Max - Extraction Arms
super-max-extraction-arm - 3D Main Image 300
Stainless Steel Extraction arms with wall bracket. Available lengths include 7', 10', or 14’. Duct diameter range includes 5'', 6.5, and 8''. Airflow rates are 300CFM for 5'', 650CFM for 6.5'', and 1000CFM for 8''.

Parallelogram design: Externally mounted support arms cause less resistance in airflow through the whole extraction arm. The external hydraulically suspended parallelogram arms make the hood incredibly easy to move and 100% stable in all positions.

It is equipped with a long strong steel hood to withstand sparks, chemicals, and heat. The hood has a built-in adjustable damper. The hose has a smooth inside and is very durable.

Adapted for central or individual extraction fan.
001 - Equipment Specification and Dimension Drawings:
004 - Product Videos:
006 - Local Exhaust and Ventilation Duct 3D Layouts:
Telescopic Extraction Arm - Extraction Arms
telescopic-extraction-arm - 3D Main Image 300
The Telescopic Arms are best suitable for workstations located against a wall, or in confined locations. There are no obstructions inside the hose, improving airflow through the arm and simplifying cleaning and maintenance.
Lengths are available from 3-4 feet, 3.5-5 feet, or 4-7 feet dimensions. With either 4 or 6 inch hose.
The flowrate of the 4-inch hose is 300 CFM and 600 CFM for the 6-inch hose.

The Telescoping Arms are easily adjusted and have 360º rotation at the base joint. Very versatile and user-friendly.

Telescoping Arms are designed to connect to new or existing ductwork, boom arms, or directly to Airflow collection and filtration units and are fastener-free in the air stream.

These arms are a perfect solution for small/cramped areas where the ability to compact the arm is necessary

  • Adjustable Air Flow Damper: Increases operating efficiency; regulate airflow levels and blower usage based on application-specific need.
  • White Hose, Hood, and Mounting Bracket: UL-rated hose and coordinated components work to enhance facility cleanliness and appearance in non-corrosive environments.
  • Static-free Hose: Reduce possible static shock of personnel and workpieces; speed maintenance, minimize particulate retention to the hose.
  • Light Kit: 35 watt, 115 volt halogen light kit improves worker visibility.
  • Intake Guard: Protect ducting and the blower unit from over-sized debris, such as rags and plastic sheeting that could hinder the efficient operation of the system.
  • Exhaust Blower Units: Multiple blower units are available, from .75 HP up to 7.5 HP, depending on the application. Consult your representative for recommendations.
001 - Equipment Specification and Dimension Drawings:
PKS - Extraction Arm
modular-component-dust-fume-extraction-arm-snorkel-customized-to-suit-process-application - 3D Main Image 300
PKS - An Extraction Arm that is an excellent solution for capturing low flowing fumes and gases at the source, expelling it safely away from the users.
Available Hose Diameter Range: 2''-10"
Available length from 5' to over 40'

The PKS extraction arm is modular and allows engineers and consultants to configure the extraction arm to suit their specific application or process.

Hoses can be selected to suit the properties of the contaminants in terms of corrosive resistance, temperature, pressure, flexibility, and abrasion requirements.

The supporting structure and capture hood can be selected in either micro-polished stainless steel, zinc-coated steel, or powder-coated steel.

Available with:
  • Hood Options
  • Wall, Table or Ceiling Bracket
  • Hood & Nozzle Accessories
  • Extension Hood
  • Horizontal Boom Extensions
  • Fan Options
  • Stanchions & Wall Brackets
  • Tool Suspension kits for H-MAX Boom Extensions
  • Smooth Tube duct for PKS series extractors
  • Fan, Light & Other Electrical Accessories
001 - Equipment Specification and Dimension Drawings:
002 - Brochures:
H-MAX - Boom Extensions
h-max-extraction-arm - 3D Main Image 300
The H-MAX Extension Boom is used to support single extraction arms in applications where you need to reach over long distances.

Lengths available include 6.5 foot, 10 foot, 13 foot, or 16.5 feet.

The H-MAX extension boom is the perfect solution for large workspaces. Our extension booms allow for fume extraction to function over large distances, up to 30 feet,

This arm has a ball bearing articulation in the wall bracket which enables a 180º movement.

This is not just a stretched extractor arm, alternatively, it's a rigid dual-hinged steel extension Two ball-bearing mounted horizontal arms with disc brakes give excellent horizontal maneuverability. The external hydraulically suspended parallelogram arms make the hood incredibly easy to move and 100 % stable in all positions.

Externally mounted supports allow for optimized airflow capabilities, with minimal restriction.

  • Optional rail attachment for pneumatic hose reels
003 - Client Installations - Case Studies with Photos:
003a - Client Installations - Case Studies with Video:
006 - Local Exhaust and Ventilation Duct 3D Layouts:
ME Lab & Bench Top - Extraction Arms
lab-extraction-arm - 3D Main Image 300
ME is a local extractor with friction joints designed for use in workplaces where great flexibility is required e.g. laboratories and production environments in lighter industrial applications. Standard version. Suitable for evacuation of most types of airborne contaminants.

Available from 40'' to 80'' length, with hose diameter ranging from 2-4''.

The unique joint design of the ME results in a very low-pressure drop, which produces many valuable benefits.

Easy to combine with other extractors in the same ventilation system, and therefore the ideal extractor for schools, nail salons, and the electronics industry.

With its optimal design, the ME has a very low-pressure drop, which provides many valuable benefits:
  • Low-pressure drop saves energy.
  • Air flow noise is reduced.
  • Lower pressure drop is achieved without selecting a larger diameter extractor.
  • Lower pressure drop allows the ME to be combined with additional extraction systems.
Unique design and stable mounting brackets make the ME your best choice

With its uniquely designed joint construction, the ME combines maximum flexibility with low-pressure drop. The air passes through the joints without creating unnecessary turbulence, thus producing an energy-saving low-pressure drop and a quieter working environment.

Optimal capture:
For optimum benefit from the local extractor, it is important to use the flexibility of the extractor to get as close to the contaminant as possible. A good rule of thumb would be a distance of 2–3 times the diameter of the extractor tube. At the recommended airflow, the the extractor will provide highly efficient extraction, even if disturbances are generated in the surroundings.

Unique design:
The ME joints have a patented friction design that, combined with the large joint diameter and single grip handle, provide a secure, position-stable arm with smooth adjustments. All without the need to apply excessive force or use tools on the adjusting knob.

The ME has a complete range of accessories to suit every situation, enabling you to create the optimal extractor for the evacuation of hazardous airborne gases and particulates.

Four available versions:

  • Standard version: Suitable for evacuating most types of airborne contaminants, e.g. in laboratories, schools, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, nail salons and light industrial applications.
  • ESD version: Suitable for evacuating airborne contaminants in environments where there is a need to avoid the risk of spark formation and in areas where products need to be ESD-certified, e.g. the electronics industry.
  • ATEX version: For explosive environments. Complies with the ATEX directive 94/9/EC-Joints and tubes made from carbon-impregnated polypropylene.
  • PP version: For environments containing high concentrations of corrosive pollutants. Joints and tubes made from polypropylene.
001 - Equipment Specification and Dimension Drawings:
Accessories - Extraction Arms
extraction-arm-accessories - 3D Main Image 300
We offer a variety of accessories for our extraction arms to suit individual applications.

Our extraction arms are used in a large variety of application depending on your intended use. Below is a list of available accessories to maximize the potential of the system you need for your industry.
  • Magnetic Nozzles
  • Hose extensions
  • Extension Hoods
  • Vehicle Exhaust accessories
  • Dual magnet holder bracket.
001 - Equipment Specification and Dimension Drawings:
001a - How to Install (How to install local exhaust system, Isometric and Exploded Views):
003 - Client Installations - Case Studies with Photos:
004 - Product Videos:
TERFU Lab & Bench Top - Extraction Arms
terfu-extractor-arm - 3D Main Image 300
TERFU arms are excellent small to midsized arms designed with tabletop use in mind. Our arms can be mounted in a variety of configurations, either tabletop, ceiling, or wall-mounted configurations available.

These arms come in 3 diameters. 50, 75, and 100mm.

The TERFU is a local extractor with friction joints designed for use in workplaces where great flexibility is required e.g. laboratories, production environments, and light industrial applications.

Simple, easy function:
  • The friction joints have a large frictional diameter and are supported with ball bearings. The degree of friction is easily adjusted with a one-hand knob.
  • Adapted support springs balance out the weight of the arm.
  • All arms are equipped with a 360 degree rotational swivel-mounted in place. An airtight damper is fitted as standard.
  • All sizes are suitable for table mounting, ceiling mounting and wall mounting.
  • The same suction arm is used for suspended mounting from ceilings and walls.
  • Ceiling and wall brackets both consist of an anodized square aluminum profile for durable surfaces and high stability.
  • All ceiling brackets are available in eight standard lengths up to 80 inches. Longer lengths can be supplied by special orders.
  • To further simplify your mounting and provide a cleaner look, an MTI CT escutcheon plate can be used to cover rough cut holes in the false ceiling.
Terfu is available in two versions:
  • Standard: For use in most laboratory environments. Joints made from PP and tubes from aluminium
  • PP: For environments containing high concentrations of corrosive pollutants. Internal epoxy coating is recommended for ceiling installations. Joints and tubes made from polypropylene
E-Z Extraction Arm Jr. - Extraction Arms
ez-arm-jr-extraction-arm - 3D Main Image 300
High-performance fume extraction arm with external support joints designed for lab and bench-tops.

Available as 4 foot or 6 foot length.

Provides airflow rate of 150 CFM.

3' or 5' long complete with angle cut nozzle. White tubes, hood and hose. (Does not include wall mounting bracket or motor/blower.)

  • Filtration: HEPA, cartridge, and oder-control filters systems available based on application
  • Blower Packages: Multiple multiple options available based on specific application
001 - Equipment Specification and Dimension Drawings:
002 - Brochures:
004 - Product Videos:
006 - Local Exhaust and Ventilation Duct 3D Layouts:
E-Z EXTRACTION ARM II - Extraction Arms
ez-arm-2-extraction-arm - 3D Main Image 300
Externally supported fume exhaust arms for bench or desk-top. Simple, effective, and highly reliable externally supported fume exhaust arms. Used to remove smoke, fumes, dust, and dirt away from the work area.

Available in 5 foot or 8 foot lengths. With 4-inch diameter hose producing an airflow rate of 300 CFM.

Easy to maneuver exhaust arms, that can command a large work area allowing coverage anywhere within the range of motion.

This extractor comes in 2 lengths; 1.5m (5’), and 2.5m (8’). It can be extended up to 42' by adding the appropriate boom extensions. This combination allows for high-volume collection with maximum reach. A large 8” Ø inlet hood with 360° flange handle allows simple positioning of the hood (versus single handle designs).

Options include:

  • 35 Watt Halogen Light Kit: Improves worker visibility and productivity.
  • Damper: Shut off air flow when not in use.
  • Silencer: Reduces air flow noise for quieter operation.
  • Blowers: Several sizes available.
  • Wall Brackets: Maximizes installation versatility.
  • Adjustable Height Floor Stand: Maximum height of 120 inches adds installation versatility.
  • Filtration Units: HEPA, cartridge, and odor-control filter systems available based on application.
  • Boom Extensions: System includes aluminum boom arm, boom arm wall bracket, tube kit, and flex hose.
001 - Equipment Specification and Dimension Drawings:
004 - Product Videos: