Dust Extraction - Fume Extraction - Local Exhaust Ventilation - Pollution Control Equipment

LEV-CO's local dust extraction and exhaust ventilation systems are a perfect solution as employee exposure to contaminants is minimized and the contaminant itself can be collected for either recovery or safe disposal. There are also the repair and maintenance savings to be realized, as the heat and corrosive substances responsible for damaging equipment are negated. So effective are the LEV-CO systems, respiratory protection for your employees may not even be required. When dust extraction, exhaust extraction or fume extraction need to be addressed, your plant requires superior pollution control equipment to handle the job. LEV-CO affordably meets and exceeds your requirements.

There are five basic components to LEV-CO's outstanding systems:

  • Hood
  • Ducts
  • Fan
  • Filters
  • Discharge Stack

Each component plays an important role in moving contaminants, such as dust or contaminated exhaust or toxic fumes, away from your employees and out of your plant. A true plus for the LEV-CO dust and exhaust extraction system is the fact all systems offer easy access for cleaning and the removal of captured contaminants and incorporate test points to ensure compliance factors are met.

Superior Pollution Control Equipment

LEV-CO incorporates state-of-the-art ventilation system design, testing equipment and Auto-CAD software to develop their dust, exhaust or fume extraction systems. In fact, LEV-CO's products are so competent they comply with all ASHRAE, OSHA, ACGIH and Industrial Ventilation Guidelines.

Maintaining and improving air quality in your plant or workplace used to be just a concern. Such is no longer the case, it's the law! Breathe easier tomorrow by working with LEV-CO today.

What is local exhaust ventilation?

When it comes to air contaminants, local exhaust ventilation is the capture of those nasties at their source. Local exhaust ventilation is absolutely required when you have dust, exhaust fumes, solvent vapors, lead fumes, and acid mist, all known as toxic or corrosive contaminants. If your plant's contaminant levels are high, or contaminants have to be filtered out and negated before being released into the air, or if the process gives off heat, LEV-CO has a dust and exhaust fume extraction system designed to ensure everyone's safety. Superior indoor air quality is the result of LEV-CO's pollution control equipment and environmental filtration and cleaning systems for industrial arenas.

Dust, Fumes, and Exhaust Present Real Health and Safety Issues

There are numerous concerns you must face and alleviate in your manufacturing business. One of the most crucial within the health and safety arena revolves around an invisible gas enveloping everyone, from maintenance personnel to the chairman of the board... air. The air breathed by everyone in your plant has to be non-noxious, meet a variety of local, state and federal regulations, enhance productivity and also be cost-effective to employ. Where can one turn for tried-and-true mastery of this technology-rich and sometimes confusing world of local air pollution control? LEV-CO.

With the number of chemicals in use today in various production cycles, as well as dust particles, exhaust gases, and other forms of pollution, your operation requires totally effective ventilation with low MTBF rates while using dust extraction and other ventilation equipment simple to maintain. Additionally, the products in operation should not present their own exhaust or ventilation problems. Thankfully, LEV-CO has the experience and knowledge to address most air quality and contamination challenges. From design to installation, LEV-CO is the one name you should place at the top of your list to consult for your pollution control equipment.

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