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Animated diagram for Back & Side Draft Systems
Back & Side Draft Systems
1. What is it?

Back and Side Draft Tables are similar to Down-Draft Tables. “Back Draft” and “Cross Draft” are ideal solutions when extraction methods such as self-supporting extraction arms and other such systems prove to be inappropriate for the application. The contaminated air is drawn in from the back or side panels of the work area. These units come with or without filtration systems and can also be combined to create complete enclosures for whatever the application might be.

3. Will it Make my Workplace Safer?

yes, our collection systems are very effective. However, correct configuration is paramount in guaranteeing the unit performs as it should. Our goal is to make it as easy as can be to configure your system to your specific needs, and our sales representatives are happy to help you along the way to buying the right product.

4. Suitable Industries and Environments

For a full list of industries, refer to our Industry Solution Page

5. Available Models and Variants

For a list of available models, check out our catalog below.

6. What Criteria to Consider

Some important points to consider when purchasing:

  • Air Velocity: What is the velocity or the air required to pull the fumes and dust horizontally into the table? 
    • Capture Velocity: Add up the CFM for all of the inlets that will run at once
  • Face Velocity: What velocity at the table surface is required to achieve the appropriate capture velocity?
  • Filter Cleaning: Does the filter cleaning system really work in your application?
  • Do I have enough filter media in the collector? (air to cloth ratio)
  • Will it stand up to the working environment? 
    • e.g. is it made from plastic or steel?
  • What will be my filter maintenance and energy costs per year?
  • Are there any tertiary risks such as fire, explosion, etc., that I need to consider?
7. Preventing the Spread of Airborne Fumes and Chemicals

Industrial workers are exposed to a variety of health hazards every day. As a result, these workers risk the possibility of becoming sick, ill, and in some cases, permanently disabled. According to a WHO estimate (WHO, 2000), unintentional poisonings led to 300,000 deaths in the year 2000. 

We are dedicated to diminishing that figure, but it only works if the correct equipment is used, and configured correctly. Our team works to make the logistics of these questions as straightforward and coherent as possible. We will work with you to provide you with the best extraction system that fits your worker's needs. This includes everything from accessibility and usability to longevity and reliability. 

You can read more about the risks and preventions of fume extraction below: