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LEV-CO’s Stand-alone ADO Adjustable Direction Outlets with Hepa H14 Filtration for Coffeerooms, Lunchrooms, Meeting rooms. and benches. A simple “Pre-engineered” solution with "Clean-to-less-clean" air distribution, HEPA H14 Filtration (99.995% @ 100 Nanometer), Duct and Diffusion Hood.


ADO Adjustable Direction Outlets with HEPA H14 Professional Air Purifiers are used indoors to reduce COVID-19 and other Viruses in the air. They come in two sizes. 700m3/hour and 1000m3/hour maximum airflow. It is recommended to filter the total air volume in a room 6 times/hour. The ADO Adjustable Direction Outlet models are for larger rooms.

With ADO (Adjustable Direction Outlet) you can direct the cleaned air in any direction and with up to 4 nozzles. This makes it possible to reduce the overall concentration of Viruses and Bacteria in larger rooms faster. The 99.995% cleaned air is produced in a controlled direction, into the breathing zone. The cleaned air is then mixed with the rest of the air in the room. The viruses and bacteria in the room will be reduced. ADO is for rooms from 40m2 up to 60m2.

Here's how it works:
  • STEP 1: The "Clean-to-less-clean" air movement supplies clean filtered air to the occupants breathing zone through a pre-engineered diffusion hood explicitly designed for the application e.g., meeting rooms, lunchrooms, Locker rooms, classrooms, etc. This precise air movement is essential as the viral particles associated with Covid-19 have shown that they can remain airborne, for up to 16 hours in still air.
  • STEP 2: An ultra-low noise fan draws the room air in at floor level where the air is least clean. The air is drawn in by a variable speed, the centrifugal fan that allows the operator to control the flow based on the number of people in the room.
  • STEP 3: The air passes through a silenced chamber engineered to dampen the associated noise generated by the air movement.
  • STEP 4: A multi-stage filter module filters the contaminated air containing virus particles as small as 0.1 Micron (MicroMeters) to a purity level of 99.995%.
  • STEP 5: An optional UVC germicidal treatment lamp can be purchased as a supplement to help destroy virus particles that may remain attached to the inner surfaces of the unit’s air intake housing.
  • STEP 6: Clean filtered air is returned to the indoor space through a low-noise duct and diffuser hood detailed in Step 1, thus completing the filtration and ventilation circuit. This allows the air in a typical room to be changed over 100 times an hour.


Each system Fan/Filter module complete with four-stage filtration:
1. Prefilter for larger particles >50 microns. (Washable)

2. High-efficiency F5 class secondary filter 40-60% efficiency on particles larger than 0.4 microns. (Disposable)

3. High-Efficiency HEPA H14 class final filter 99.995% efficient on particles smaller than 0.1 microns. (Delivered with Efficiency and leak test Certificate)

4. Outlet filter of washable Aluminum mesh (Washable)

Additional Information:

  • All ADO air-purifiers come complete with 120V variable-speed EC motors. Units are delivered ready to plug in and use. The fan speed can be adjusted to suit precise ‘Draft-Free’ airspeeds and ‘Ultra Quiet’ noise levels.
  • When selected, duct kits come complete with lightweight sheet metal ducting, duct fitting, chains (to hang the hood and duct), and hooks (for the ceiling).
  • The duct kit, hoods, and/or supply arms are simple to install and typically require no more than 30 minutes to set up.
  • Units are fabricated with heavy-duty, all-steel materials of the highest quality.
  • All units are delivered complete with 4x5" diameter locking casters. Alternatively, 5" legs can be ordered separately.
  • Optional bacteria-killing UVC lamps can be placed before the HEPA H14 filter to kill surface viruses, mold and bacteria.

Shipping Dimensions and Weight:

Main System Part # Height x Width x Depth Weight
L-851 60"H x 25"W x 30"D 165 lbs
L-849 50"H x 25"W x 25"D 145 lbs
L-847 50"H x 25"W x 25"D 165 lbs
L-845 60"H x 25"W x 30"D 165 lbs
L-843 50"H x 25"W x 25"D 200 lbs

Key Buying Criteria:

  • All steel construction
  • Clean to less Clean air pattern
  • Does not blow air from person to person
  • H14 HEPA filter
  • Variable Flow Control
  • Optional air velocity alarm
  • MERV 10 Pre-filter
  • Optional Odor Control Filter with 11 lbs

Suitable For:

Top 5 contaminants/processes/applications:

  • Respirable viruses
  • Cigar smoke
  • Smog
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Body oder
Don't see your contaminants? Give us a call at 1-888-862-5356 or email us at sales@lev-co.com!

IMPORTANT: For your Health and Safety, make sure to talk to an application engineer before purchasing.
Part # Qty Description
L-843 COVID-ICA1/H-ADO1 700-HEPA (400 CFM) fan & filter unit H14. 1 Outlet, 8" (200mm)Ø 99.995% @ 0.1 Micron. 115/1/50-60 Dba
L-845 COVID-ICA2/H-ADO2 700-HEPA (400 CFM) fan & filter unit H14. 2 Outlets, 6.5" (165mm)Ø 99.995% @ 0.1 Micron. 115/1/50-60 Dba
L-847 COVID-ICA1/H-ADO1 1000-HEPA (600 CFM) fan & filter unit H14. 1 Outlet, 8" (200mm)Ø 99.995% @ 0.1 Micron. 115/1/50-60 Dba
L-849 COVID-ICA2/H-ADO2 1000-HEPA (600 CFM) fan & filter unit H14. 2 Outlets, 8" (200mm)Ø 99.995% @ 0.1 Micron. 115/1/50-60 Dba
L-851 COVID-ICA4/H-ADO4 1000-HEPA (600 CFM) fan & filter unit H14. 4 Outlets, 6.5" (165mm)Ø 99.995% @ 0.1 Micron. 115/1/50-60 Dba

Frequently bought together these options:

Part # Qty Description
L-802 Replacement HEPA filter coronavirus H14 (8m2) for COVID-ICA-700 Models. Certificate and Leak Test.
L-803 Replacement HEPA filter coronavirus H14 (13m2) for COVID-ICA-1000 Models. Certificate and Leak Test.
Part # Qty Description
L-580 (4) legs instead of casters.
Part # Qty Description
C-ICA-20 Deep Bed Absorption module for ICA 700 & ICA 1000. Comes complete with 16 lbs. of activated carbon. Other adsorption Media are available.
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