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Cars & Small Trucks Repair - Engineering Control Methods

Below are some common questions that need to be answered when looking for a solution to Vehicle Exhaust

  • What type of vehicles are you working on Diesel, Gas, Propane?
  • Largest engine size
  • What is the maximum RPM are will run the engines up to
  • How long will you let the engines run for?
  • What is the purpose of running the engines?
  • Warm up, General repairs. Performance tuning, Dyno testing
  • Do you need portability?
  • What is the working that we would be required to cover?
  • Have you any experience with this type of equipment?
  • If yes, what were your likes and / dislikes about certain solutions
  • Have you any experience working with other manufacturers?
  • If yes what where your likes and dislikes
  • What is your budget? 1-5K / 5-10K / 10-20K / 20-40K / 40-75K / 75K and up

For further support, please contact us directly at 1-888-862-5356.

Exhaust Fans & Controls
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Extraction Arms
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Industrial Hose & Duct Work

Lev-Co offers a wide variety of lightweight, flexible, abrasive-resistant, heat-tolerant, innovative technical hoses to provide solutions for a wide range of industrial & automotive applications. Here are some general design velocities when using "CAPTURE" Hoods: 

Smoke (e.g. Welding):

  • Capture Velocity 100 FPM
  • Transport Velocity 3000 FPM
  • Minimum Face velocity 2355 FPM

Dust (e.g. Grinding):

  • Capture Velocity 500 FPM
  • Transport Velocity 4000 FPM
  • Minimum Face Velocity 4000 FPM

Gas (e.g. V.O.C.'s):

  • Capture Velocity 50 FPM
  • Transport Velocity 2000 FPM
  • Minimum Face Velocity 785 FPM


  • Capture Velocity 100 FPM
  • Transport Velocity 2250 FPM
  • Minimum Face Velocity 1766 FPM

FOR MORE SUPPORT IN SELECTING THE RIGHT HOSE pls EMAIL us with details on your application at: sales@lev-co.com.

Animated Diagram for Industrial Hose & Duct Work
Portable Vehicle Exhaust
Vehicle Exhaust systems
Animated Diagram for Vehicle Exhaust systems