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Here are method(s) that control the emissions generated from the Machining process.

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Mist Collectors
Mist Collectors are for a variety of mist producing applications such as: CNC Machining and Coldheading Applications. These filters are "SELF-DRAINING" and it is important that the amount of dust being captured by these systems does not exceed more than 5% of the total extracted pollutant. If the dust quantity is kept to a minimum, filter life can be expected between 1 and 5 years depending on the application and runtime.

Here are some general design velocities when using "CAPTURE" Hoods: Mist:
  • Capture Velocity 100 FPM
  • Transport Velocity 2250 FPM
  • Minimum Face Velocity 1766 FPM

  • Here are some general design velocities when using "ENCLOSING" Hoods: Mist CNC:
  • Minimum Face Velocity 75 FPM
  • Transport Velocity 2250 FPM
  • Animated Diagram for Mist Collectors