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Miscellaneous Operations - Cigarette and Tobacco Smoke

Here are method(s) that control the emissions generated from the Cigarette and Tobacco Smoke process.

Click on the preferred Control Method to learn more about:

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Ambient Air Cleaners
Ambient Air Cleaners involve the use of large “Washable, Cleanable or Replaceable Media” filters. These units, both filter and re-circulate the air back into the work place Installation Configurations: Free Hanging "Negative Pressure" “Race Track” "Cross Dilution" Depending upon the designed air pattern, these systems "scrub" the ambient air of contaminants and the result is a dramatic reduction of airborne pollution. These systems are best used in combination with source-collection equipment.

Some important things to consider when purchasing these types of units:
  • What is the volume of the room you want to clean? (cubic dimension: L'xW'xH')
  • How many times would you like to change the air in your room? (eg: Welding=8 AC/H)
  • How much contaminant do I generate? (eg: dust, smoke, fume)
  • Where am I going to mount these units?
  • Can I use these units to create a negative pressure in my work area?
  • Do I want "throw away", "washable", "cleanable" or "self cleaning" filters?

  • For more information, please see the products and information listed below:
    Animated Diagram for Ambient Air Cleaners
    Ducted Air Cleaners
    Ducted Air Cleaners are used in a variety of applications where the filter selection often requires a specific configuration. With these collectors you can select a variety of particulate, liquid or gas phase filters such as “HEPA” filters, “Mist Agglomerators” and “Gas Adsorbers” respectively. These systems are available with or without pre-engineered and installed fan packages.

    Here are some general design velocities when using "CAPTURE" Hoods:

    Smoke (e.g. Welding):
  • Capture Velocity 100 FPM
  • Transport Velocity 3000 FPM
  • Minimun Face Velocity 2355 FPM
  • Dust (e.g. Grinding):
  • Capture Velocity 500 FPM
  • Transport Velocity 4000 FPM
  • Minimun Face Velocity 4000 FPM
  • Gas (e.g. V.O.C.'s):
  • Capture Velocity 50 FPM
  • Transport Velocity 2000 FPM
  • Minimun Face Velocity 785 FPM
  • Mist:
  • Capture Velocity 100 FPM
  • Transport Velocity 2250 FPM
  • Minimum Face Velocity 1766 FPM
  • Animated Diagram for Ducted Air Cleaners
    Exhaust Fans & Controls
    Fans for air make up and exhaust are quite often a difficult product to find when designing a simple ducted local exhaust system. Here we offer a variety of "LEV" (Local Exhaust & Ventilation) fans specifically designed to meet the demands of such systems. These Fans are able to handle specific applications such as: - Corrosive Fumes - Abrasive Dusts - Proper Flow and Static Pressure for a particular application.

    Please feel free to contact one of our System Design Technicians for help in selecting the right fan for your application.
    Animated Diagram for Exhaust Fans & Controls