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HRHT-600-SNH Vehicle Exhaust - Ø 2''/ 3"/ 4"/ 5"/ 6"/ 8"/ 10" & 12''

Silicon Nomex hose has been specifically designed for demanding high temperature “Process Ventilation” applications such as diesel exhaust and many other high-temperature applications.


This hose has the following features:
  • Long Life -> Abrasion resistant both externally and internally
  • High Temperature Resistance -> 600 degrees F
  • Low Pressure Drop -> With very smooth internal bore
  • Light Weight -> Easy to use and place into position
  • Fatigue Resistant -> Ideal for constant flexing applications such as hose reels and retraction systems


  • Hose wall: inner layer silicone-coated glass fabric, silicone-coated Nomex outer-layer
  • Spiral: spring steel wire
  • Cord: aramid cord
  • Color: Orange

Key Buying Criteria:

  • Highly flexible and lightweight for easy maneuvering
  • Kink-proof: Able to route through awkward areas without compromising airflow rate
  • Very durable: Tear, and puncture resistant
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Symmetrical bending:The hose remains uniform to how it's being manipulated, and always returns to it's original form

Suitable For:

Top 5 contaminants/processes/applications:

  • Diesel Exhaust Fumes
  • Car Exhaust Fumes
  • Welding Fumes
  • Smoke
  • Odours
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IMPORTANT: For your Health and Safety, make sure to talk to an application engineer before purchasing.
Part # Qty Description
SNH-8 HT hose 600F SIlicon nomex hose 8'' diameter
PYRO-SIL2-2 2'' Dia. Silicon Nomex hose. Sold per ft
PYRO-SIL2-3 3'' Dia. Silicon Nomex hose. Sold per ft
PYRO-SIL2-4 4'' Dia. Silicon Nomex hose. Sold per ft.
PYRO-SIL2-5 5'' Dia. Silicon Nomex hose. Sold per ft.
PYRO-SIL2-6 6'' Dia. 2 ply Silicon Nomex hose. Sold per ft.
PYRO-SIL2-8 8'' Dia. Silicon Nomex hose. Sold per ft.
PYRO-SIL2-10 10'' Dia. Silicon Nomex hose. Sold per ft.
PYRO-SIL2-12 12'' Dia. Silicon Nomex hose. Sold per ft.
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