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DCB Ductless Spray Booth 1400 CFM

The 'DSB' Ductless Spray Booth series downdraft tables are designed to be a dual purpose Work station and filtration solution for aerosol fumes and other airborne gases & odors. These tables draw contaminants away from workers’ breathing zone without hindering movement.

Product Function:

The DSB is equipped with a washable main filter which filters out any particulate, a secondary activated carbon filter and an optional third stage filter for a variety of adsorption medias.
Additionally, the DSB provides a durable (¼”) steel plate work surface (36” X 24”)
Also included are 2 – 2L trays located directly under the ventilation intake which allows for the collection of accidental spills.
Applications include spray painting with spray balms or air brushes, gluing, open cans of paint, etc…
All contaminated air is filtered and returned to the facility.


These pre-engineered, ‘’Plug and Play’’ downdraft tables come complete with the following:
  • Fan Capacity: 1400 CFM
  • Washable main filter cartridge, 99.9 % efficient
  • 2nd stage activated carbon filter
  • Direct drive fan coupled with Non-Sparking Aluminum Impeller
  • 1.5 HP (1.1 KW) 120V/1/60 TEFC Direct Drive motor
  • ’Plug & Play’ Design includes easy maneuverable wheels, Motor starter, overload protection, 12’ cord and plug)
  • Flow Controller allows the flow rate to be reduced in flow sensitive applications
  • Internal dust tray
  • 1/4" steel plate work surface 36” X 24” (900 X600 mm)
  • Optional 3 stage adsorption filter allows a wide range of filtration medias to be selected for better filtration
  • Working booth design with back and side walls
  • Low height design that can be easily raised to suit almost every working height
  • Easy to maneuver and roll into position

Shipping Dimensions and Weight:

Main System Part # Height x Width x Depth Weight
P-578-V2 53"H x 31.5"W x 47"D 260 lbs
Part #
Sledgehammer Downdraft Table for V.O.C.'s solvents and vapours.

Frequently bought together these options:

Part #
Motor upgrade to 1.5HP @ 230-460V/3/60
Part #
2 Ft LED Bar for paint spray booth, complete with switch and plug. installation by others. 12V. 24W 2A.
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