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Lev-co Maxi-Mesa Down-and-Back-Draft Table. 1m and 1.4m

Lev-co Maxi-Mesa is a modern combined Backdraft and Downdraft Table with built in regulating Damper. 1m and 1.4m Models.

Product Function:

  • Dust, Fume and Gases. Lev-co Maxi-Mesa is suitable for welding and heavier grinding. It extracts backwards and downwards. Can be used in many other applications.
  • Unique regulating Damper. Lev-co Maxi-Mesa is as standard equipped with a regulating damper which makes it possible to adjust the width of the vertical openings of the backdraft panel. You can quickly adjust the total air volume between backdraft and downdraft with a handle on the front side.
  • Extraction Arm. For heavy welding the MaxiMesa can be equipped with a Flexi FLB 1.5m extraction arm. Thanks to the unique regulating damper the total air volume can be divided between backdraft, downdraft and extraction arm.
  • Heavy Grinding. For heavy grinding the MaxiMesa with a table top of vertical 40x5mm flat barirons should be used. Hot particles and sparks will fall down into the dust drawers. The main air volume should go through the backdraft panel and, if fitted, the extraction arm, to catch hot fume, dust and gases which are going upwards.
  • Table Top 75mm. Maxi-Mesa can be delivered with a table top of 75mm wide iron bars with 15mm extraction slots in between.
  • Strongly designed. Lev-co Maxi-Mesa is designed of 2 and 3mm steel-sheet. The table height can be adjusted from 800-950mm. The side panels can be opened for long objects. Suitable air volume for 1m table is 1500-2000m3/h and for 1.4m table 2000-3000m3/h. It shall be connected with an external fan and extraction system. Connection diameter is 199mm outside.
  • Construction:

    14 ga. welded steel finished with chemical and oil resistant powder coated paint. Durable construction, able to withstand industrial use. This unit is ideal for down and back draft collection of smoke, mist dust or fumes where integrated fans and filters are not appropriate or convenient. 1 or 2 duct connections 200 mm (8 inch) dia. for connection to remote collection or ventilation operation. Also available with optional top mounted extraction arm. 200 mm (8 inch) dia. x 1.5 m (5 ft) in length extraction arm.

    Shipping Dimensions and Weight:

    Main System Part # Height x Width x Depth Weight
    P-776 41"H x 49"W x 72"D 662 lbs
    Part #
    Maxi-Mesa 1m with DOWN and BACK draft table side panels and 75mm u-formed wide iron bars. 1mx1m (LxW)

    Frequently bought together these options:

    Part #
    Pressure Gauge - complete with Wall, Ceiling or table mounting bracket and 0-5 pressure gauge. 3/16 inside diameter tubing ordered separately.
    Pressure Gauge - complete with Wall, Ceiling or table mounting bracket and 0-10 pressure gauge. 3/16 inside diameter tubing ordered separately.
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