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Stainless Steel Extraction Arms

An ideal solution where pollutants & fugitive emissions need to be captured at source. Available in Stainless Steel, these “Arms”, also referred to as extractors, consist of tubes and/or hoses coupled with a self-supporting mechanism that allows the extraction hood to stay in place and hover near the source of pollution and/or emission. Typically these extractor arms can draw the pollutant from a distance up to 30” depending on the diameter of the arm and the type of fan used. These extractors have working radii of up to 40 feet, and come in multiple diameters required by different applications. These are ideal solutions in Pharmaceutical, chemical, and other applications where "Non-corrosive" or "Wash-Down" Products are required.
E-Z ARM-II-SS Extraction Arms
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EZ-II-SS Stainless Steel Extractor Arm.
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The new Stainless Steel and Wash-Down "PKS" component system arms are advanced extractor arms that bring together high performance and "user friendliness" to extractors that can be customized to a multitude of applications, depending on the diameter and reach demanded by a particular application. Different hose types and diameters allows the engineer or system designer to select the correct type and diameter of hose according to the exact specification and "Duct Velocity" required by the application. In addition, you can select an extractor with working radii (Extractor Arm Length) from 5' to over 40' - the longest reach available on the market. NB: When selecting the hose length please add an extra 1M (3') to the extractor arm length to ensure enough hose is ordered.