Portable Vehicle Exhaust

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When diesel engines are started inside a building, toxic air contaminants are emitted into the breathing area. It is well known that continued exposure to these contaminants has been linked to cancer and other serious health disorders.

Fire and EMS facilities, Service Garages, Maintenance Shops, or anywhere that trucks, buses, heavy equipment, or fleets of vehicles are operated are especially vulnerable to these toxic pollutants.

The only proven method requires a "source capture" system, however, a system that pulls 100 percent of the exhaust emissions outside the building, through sealed hose or piping.

Lev-Co offers a complete line of Portable Vehicle Exhaust solutions for all makes and models of engines and equipment.
P2D2-R3 Multi-Purpose Portable VE - 6.5''/8'' DIA.
p2d2-portable-exhaust-extractor-for vehicle-exhaust - Main Image
The P2D2, Portable Vehicle Exhaust System is an EASY TO POSITION solution for removal of diesel exhaust gases. This unit can capture vehicle exhaust from both a tall vertical stack, or a common tailpipe. Either flex hose or an internally supported arm can be used on the inlet of the P2D2. (Patent Pending)

  • Powerful exhaust fan removes exhaust gases directly to atmosphere
  • One-person operation that allows the operator to position the nozzle on an OVERHEAD stack without the use of a ladder
  • Ability to service both overhead and under-carriage exhaust pipes
  • Sturdy trolley which allows for storage of all ventilation components
  • Locking casters ensures the base unit stays in place during use
  • Exhaust Port is easily located under the garage door or through a "Garage door Port" that is easily installed in the garage door (sold separately)
  • Service the entire facility, All Bays (Extra Door ports may be required)
  • Easy to store exhaust hose
  • Exhaust hose lengths available up to 100 feet and 2500 degrees F.
  • Engines up to 150 HP @ max RPM & Load select: P2D2-R2-1.5HP
  • Engines up to 200 HP @ max RPM & Load select: P2D2-R2-3HP
  • Engines up to 300 HP @ max RPM & Load select: P2D2-R2-5HP
  • Engines up to 400 HP @ max RPM & Load select: P2D2-R2-7.5HP
  • Engines up to 500 HP @ max RPM & Load select: P2D2-R2-10HP
  • Equipment over 500HP - Call Lev-co for exact product selection
001 - Equipment Specification and Dimension Drawings:
PATRIOT - Heavy Duty Portable Vehicle Exhaust for Diesel trucks & Heavy Equipment - 8''/10'' DIA. (7000CFM)
patriot-portable-extraction-system-for-heavy-equipment-for-diesel-exhaust - Main Image
The PATRIOT is a heavy-duty portable LEV system for almost any heavy industrial application.

  • Designed to capture smoke and fumes from: Diesel Exhaust, Welding, Arc Air Gouging and Flame cutting.

  • Multiple tool-less hose sections/nozzle options allow for quick optimization of the machine for each maximum reach and exhaust.

    The purpose of the Patriot is to capture 99%+ of all airborne emissions “at-Source” before the emissions reach the operators breathing zone.

    • Portable & Easy to position - 6 Heavy-duty casters (2 straight, 4 swivel)
    • “All-in-one” design – “on-cart” storage for all hoses, hoods, etc.
    • Plug & Go design with many voltage options
    • Quick setup - Tool-less “quick-connect” hoses and accessories
    • Adjustable velocity from 700 to 7000 FPM (12.8 to128 KM/H)
    • Energy Efficient – eliminates peak electrical charges and wasted heat
    • Environmentally friendly VFD control – exhaust only the flow required
    • Ultra-quiet mode – control the VFD to the noise level and frequency
    • Hose storage tubes – Ensure the hoses will last
    • Many hose options available (EG: Chemical, ESD, Abrasion, Hi-temp>2000 C)
    • Spark Proof design and construction – Optional: Haz Loc up to Div. Class 1
    • Variety of capture and receiving hoods available
    • Multipurpose design – suitable for the following applications
      • Welding
      • Arc Air Gouging
      • Flame cutting
      • Diesel exhaust
      • V.O.C.’s
      • Explosive Gases
      • Etc.
    • Single person deployment
    • All steel heavy duty construction - 3/14/16 ga.
    • Under garage door or through door/wall exhaust
    • Transports well to and from jobsites
    • Suitable for use outdoors –
      • IP66 controls
      • Chassis fabricated from combination satin coat steel, powder-coated for addition protection and appeal
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    Portable VE for cars, vans & small trucks - Rev 1.0
    portable-vehicle-exhaust-cars-vans-small-trucks - Main Image
    The Portable Vehicle Exhaust System is a compact, simple solution for exhaust removal. Includes a short inlet flex hose with clamping style nozzle and layflat exhaust hose.

    • Removes exhaust gases rather than just re-circulating it within the facility.
    • One-person operation is made easy with standard wheels and support stand.
    • Provides powerful collection power in a portable package.
    • Operates with standard 115V power for use anywhere within a garage.
    Portable VES Fan - 3"/4.5"/6" dia. (500-1500 CFM)
    portable-vehicle-exhaust-system-fan - Main Image
    For exhaust removal applications where stationary systems may not reach, the Airflow Systems V.E.S. Portable Removal System provides convenient exhaust removal for relief from the annoyance of vehicle exhaust. If not removed, vehicle exhaust can contribute to worker illness, increase facility maintenance expense, and harm the sensitive electronics of diagnostic and service equipment.

    Lightweight and easy to handle, the V.E.S. Portable Removal System is a practical solution for providing exhaust removal in areas where conventional systems cannot reach.
    Product Overview:
    • Removes exhaust gases rather than just re-circulating it within the facility.
    • One-person operation is made easy with standard wheels and support stand.
    • Powerful 225-1000 CFM collection fan in a portable package.
    • Operates with standard 115V power for use anywhere within a service bay.
    001 - Equipment Specification and Dimension Drawings: