Operating Room

Here are method(s) that control the emissions generated from the Operating Room process.

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COVID-19 air filtration

While current COVID-19 theory is such that the COVID-19 virus is transmitted via larger liquid droplets emitted when a person speaks, coughs or sneezes, the WHO indicates that research into the virus becoming a transmissible aerosol (e.g. transmitted through the particles floating in the air) is still inconclusive. While the research is finalized, it may be prudent to start using LEV as a capture and control solution. In other words, the absence of scientific certainty should not prevent a prudent response.

Here are a few links to articles written about the capture and control of Covid-19 emmisions:

Extraction Arms
Capture at Source Extraction Arms are used to capture airborne contaminants before the contaminants have a chance to reach the workers' breathing space.

Available in several different designs:
  • Internally Supported
  • Externally Supported
  • Telescopic
  • Mild or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Lengths: Up to 45'
  • 2.5" to 8" Diameter's Available
Typically the Extraction Arms are connected to a fixed extraction fan, Filter system or dust collector via direct mounting or a "Header Type" duct system.

For more info, please see the products and associated documentation listed below.
Portable Filter Units
Portable Dust & Fume Filter Units. Quite often “Clean Air” solutions are required throughout a work place. These units can be easily moved from location to location with ease while capturing dust and fumes where needed.

Various Options in Filtering Systems Available:
  • Washable Filters
  • Cleanable Filters
  • Self-Cleaning Systems
  • Throw Away Filters
All Units equipped with fan/motor assemblies to ensure adequate extraction at all times

For more info, please see the products and associated documentation listed below.