(09-09) TC-4 - Heavy Airborne Dust & Smoke - T style with Self Cleaning filter system (4,000 CFM) **
2650 CFM "SELF-CLEANING" Air cleaner. This "T" style "free-Hanging" or "Packaged" air cleaner. This solution is ideal for Heavy dust loading applications or applications involving hard to reach areas where regular maintenance of the collector would be impractical.

Product Function:

Comes complete with (4) Clean-2® cartridge filters, (150ft² of media each), ON-DEMAND, AUTO-CLEAN VIBRA-PULSE® filter cleaning system, 3 HP TEFC motor and a ½” NPT regulator.
Pollutants pass through the inlet at each end of the cabinet into the dirty air chambers, where the baffling system directs heavier particles toward the bottom of the unit. Lighter particles follow the air stream behind the baffles where they are filtered from the air by the CLEAN 2® cartridge filter. (The CLEAN 2® is the standard filter shipped in the TC-4 units. Other filters are available and may be used in your specific application). The CLEAN 2® filter removes particles with a high degree of efficiency. The air then moves to the clean air chamber, where it is drawn out of the unit by the fan.


14 & 16 Ga. steel cabinet with powder-coat finish; includes front access panel to AMCA Type B, non-sparking, blower/motor, (2) removable end caps for easy access to filters, (2) hoppers with 7.88” diameter outlets, 4-way adjustable airfoil blade, exhaust grille and motor wired to junction box outside unit. (Motor starter not included.) Unit 77"L x 28"D x 45.5"H, 450 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions and Weight:

Main System Part # Length x Width x Height Weight
TC-4 57"H x 89"W x 47"D 670 lbs
Part #
Free hanging horizontal. cartridge collector w/4 CLEAN 2® filters, 2 hoppers w/8” outlet collars, auto. Vibra-Pulse, 3HP 208-230/460/575/3/60HZ direct drive motor/blower w/spark resistant blower wheel. Starters not incl.

Frequently bought together these options:

Part #
Silencer. (Add 25 lbs to weight and 18" to length.)
Silencer Option for Standard TC-4 Unit
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