LEV Overhead Hoods - Smoke, fumes, dusts and gases - Optional Fans & Filtration available - Sizes from 1’X1 to 100’X30’

LEV-Hoods are pre-engineered ventilation hoods that are available with optional filters and fans. These simple designs are ready to mount in a "free-hanging" manner above welding cells or work tables. They allow the aerosols to be "received" from various industrial processes and further treated or exhausted as required.

Product Function:

The Contaminant is either "received" by the hood or contained by a fabric enclosure where the contaminant can be optionally filtered and or transported to the atmosphere.
Most Systems can be put in position with minimal mechanical installation time, typical 2 hours/2 men per hood. Electrical motor and lighting connections are also required.
This is an excellent solution when at-the-source capture of pollutants is not possible, practical or convenient. Simply put this is a nice quiet efficient and effective contaminant capture system.


Shipping Dimensions and Weight:

Main System Part # Length x Width x Height Weight
RH35-1 40"H x 140"W x 48"D 750 lbs
Part #
3000 x 1 Industrial Air Cleaner - 3000 CFM, 3/4 hp 115/1/60 TEFC Motor, 3 x 11 Hood w/Lights. AS PER CANADIAN LAW; this unit is electrically approved by CSA/ESA field evaluation.
3500 x 3 Industrial Air Cleaner - 3500 CFM, 2 hp 230/460/3/60 TEFC Motor, 8 x 12 hood w/ Lights. AS PER CANADIAN LAW; this unit is electrically approved by CSA/ESA field evaluation.

Frequently bought together these options:

Part #
Pressure Gauge - complete with Wall, Ceiling or table mounting bracket and 0-10 pressure gauge. 3/16 inside diameter tubing ordered separately.
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