(05-05) DT3000V2 - Heavy dusts & smoke - Self cleaning filter system built in - 42''D X 66’’W or 42'' X 96 (3,000-4500 CFM)**
The DT3000 is a completely self-contained pre-engineered Downdraft table. Comes complete with an integrated 3HP or 5HP energy saving blower, high efficiency cartridge filters and automatic self-cleaning system. Available in 2 standard sizes: 66" X 42" or 96 X 42" work surfaces at heights of 33". This solution is ideal for most welding, Grinding and cutting applications.

Product Function:

The DT3000 draws contaminants away from workers’ breathing zone without hindering movement; and allowing the workers to work/walk around all sides of the table. The DT-3000 uses (6) CLEAN-2 ULTRA high efficiency cartridge filters (150 SQ. FT. of media each / 900 SQ. FT. total) and the VIBRA-PULSE filter cleaning system allows those filters to be cleaned in place when they become saturated. All you have to do is activated the cleaning system and empty the tray.
One of 2 powerful fan/motor combinations generate between 3000 and 4500 CFM.


10, 12 & 14 ga. welded steel cabinet with powder-coat finish; includes 2 access covers for filter removal, removable panel for access to Class II, backward incline, non-sparking blower and motor wired to side junction box. (Motor starter not included.)

Shipping Dimensions and Weight:

Main System Part # Length x Width x Height Weight
DT3000-v2.0 45"H x 66"W x 72"D 1000 lbs
Part #
Down Draft-Back Draft-9x4
9x4ft down & back draft table. Heavy duty. 4000lb weight capacity. Can handle flame, carbon arc, high psi. 14inch diameter duct connections.
3000 cfm heavy duty downdraft table, 42 deep x 66 wide work surface at 33 height, 200 fpm downdraft velocity, with baffled inlet spark trap. Contains (6) CLEAN-2 ® cartridge filters (150 sq.ft. of media), manual VIBRA-PULSE ® filter cleaning system and a 3 HP TEFC motor 230-460/3/60 Hz. AS PER CANADIAN LAW; this unit is electrically approved by CSA/ESA field evaluation.
3750 cfm heavy duty downdraft table, 48 deep x 96 wide work surface at 36 height, with baffled inlet spark trap. Contains 2 EXTENDED SURFACE Nano Fiber cartridge filters, manual VIBRA-PULSE ® filter cleaning system and a 5 HP TEFC motor 575/3/60 Hz.

Frequently bought together these options:

Part #
DT3000V2-3HP-1 PHASE
3 Hp 115/1/60 Hz (14.5 amps) 74 dBA (worker zone 78 dBA @ 5' (outlet area) in place of std. 3Hp motor
5 Hp TEFC motor, 230/460/575/3/60Hz (12/6 amps), high pressure blower; 3750 cfm, 195 fpm downdraft velocity.
Part #
External AD option: includes (4) refillable, v-bank adsorber modules, 100 lbs. capacity in remote cabinet. Order charcoal separately (see specification sheet for size).
External HEPA option: includes (2) 99.97% HEPA filters in separate remote cabinet (see specification sheet for size).
Part #
Backdraft option for the DT3000V2-8'x4' downdraft table. THis option added makes the table have both back and down draft capabilities. Material and gauge TBD.
Additional single center divider, 24 high for use with BF1. Separates table in half for 2 operators.
Enclosure 36 tall, with sides, back and top.
BF3 enclosure with 80 watt, Dust-Tite 115 volt work light.
Enclosure 36 tall, with side, back and top. Clear Acrylic
Part #
External Silencer with acoustic lining with outlet grill. "up, straight or down position
Exhaust silencer with stack adapter. Upward discharge silencer with round 16 collar to accommodate vertical exhaust ducting (duct not included).
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