(12-011) Meeting Room, Lunch Room & Coffee Room Ventilation System

VBF1- HEPA H14 - ''2-Zone HEPA H14 Defense'' ventilation systems

Stand-alone VBF1 “2-Zone Air Defence” for Coffeerooms, Lunchrooms and Meeting rooms. A simple “Pre-engineered” solution with "Clean-to-less-clean" air distribution, HEPA H14 Filtration (99.995% @ 100 Nanometer), UVC (AKA: UVGI) light, Duct and Diffusion Hood.

The VBF ventilation systems have been designed to control, capture, filter and return contaminated air in various workplaces.

This solution employs the ventilation method of "Clean-to-less-clean" air movement coupled with HEPA filtration as recommended by the CDC, ASHRAE, WHO and more. By using this system you will immediately achieve 99.995% clean Air around the Table and after a short While a 98-99% Reduction of the Virus and Bacteria in the rest of the Room.


Extracted from ASHRAE's Technical Resources for Healthcare Web Page
Airflow from Clean to Less Clean

By just having a normal conversation, aerosolized virus and bacteria can remain in the air indefinitely, therefore it is important to use forced air to direct these aerosols away from the occupants and allow them to be captured by the HEPA H14 fan/filter unit where the air can be filtered and returned to the space. This limits the transmission of respirable viruses such as Influenza, Coronavirus, common cold, etc. thus substantially reducing the risk of being infected. For example; the zone over and around a 6-person table is approximately 10m3. This gives you a total ACH (Air Changes Per HOUR of 60 VBF1-700 filters.

This solution has a typical payback of 1 year when compared to the costs of 1-week sick leave, per year, per employee.

The systems use a combination of clean-to-less-clean air movement, HEPA Filtration and optional UV light as recommended by both the CDC and ASHRAE. The cleaned air is supplied at a rate of 700 M3/H (400 CFM) or 1000 M3/H (600 CFM) per filter module, directly to the occupants breathing zone. This creates a "Bubble" of constantly filtered clean air around the table and up to 53 air changes in the room.*
Here's how it works:
  • STEP 1: The "Clean-to-less-clean" air movement supplies clean filtered air to the occupants breathing zone through a pre-engineered diffusion hood explicitly designed for the application (EG; meeting room, lunchroom, etc.). This precise air movement is essential as particles of this size can and most often will remain airborne, indefinitely.
  • STEP 2: The ultra-low noise fan draws the air in at floor level where the air is less clean and coolest. The fan is a variable speed centrifugally designed fan that allows you to control the flow
  • STEP 3: The air passes through a silenced chamber engineered to damper the associated noise generated from the movement of air.
  • STEP 4: The Multi-stage filter module filters the contaminated level of 99.995% @ 0.1 Micron (MicroMeters) or 100 NanoMeters NM. Viruses are typically in the Nano particle size. According to the LL University, 'Coronavirus particles are 120 nanometers' in size.
  • STEP 5: The Optional UV light can be purchased to be used as a supplement to help inactivate viruses (EG: SARS-CoV-2) attached to the inner surfaces of the inlet housing.
  • STEP 6: the filtered air is returned to the space through the low-noise smooth duct and on to the Diffuser hood detailed in step 1, thus completing the circuit. This allows the air in a typical room to be changed over 100 times an hour (ACH).

Each system Fan/Filter module complete with 4-stage filtration:

1. Prefilter for larger particles >50 microns. (Washable)
2. High-efficiency F5 class secondary filter 40-60% efficiency on particles larger than 0.4 microns. (Disposable)
3. High-Efficiency HEPA H14 class final filter 99.995% efficient on particles smaller than 0.1 microns. (Delivered with Efficiency and leak test Certificate)
4. Outlet filter of washable Aluminum mesh (Washable)

Additional Information:

- Optional bacteria-killing UVC lamps can be equipped. The UVC lamps are placed before the HEPA H14 filter to kill surface viruses, mould and bacteria.
- All VBF Air-purifiers come complete with 120V variable-speed EC motors. Units are delivered ready to plug in and use. The fan speed can be adjusted to suit precise "Draft free" airspeeds and "Ultra Quiet" noise levels.
- The VBF Hoods are available in 4 lengths: 1m (2-4 people), 1.5m (4-6 people), 2m (6-8 people), and 2.5m (8-10 people).
- The Duct kit is complete with lightweight sheet metal ducting, duct fitting, Chains (to hang the hood and duct), and Hooks (for the ceiling).
- The duct kit and hood are simple to install and typically require no more than 30 minutes to set up.
- Designed in our typical heavy-duty "all steel" construction and using the highest quality materials.
- All units are delivered complete with 4x5" diameter locking casters. Alternatively, 5" legs can be ordered separately.
Step 1: Select an Air Purifier Module (Fan/Filter/Controls) 80 CFM per foot of table length
Part # Description
L-830 COVID-CBF1/700/2-Zone 700 m3/h (400 CFM) FILTER UNIT. HEPA H14(8M2). Vertical Duct D.200/1.1m. EC 1-phase, 120V, 60Hz,175W.
L-831 COVID-CBF1/1000/2-Zone 1000 m3/h (600 CFM) FILTER UNIT. HEPA H14(13M2). Vertical Duct D200/0,8m. EC 1-phase, 120V, 60Hz, 175W.
Step 2: Select Diffusion Hood (should be the same length as the table length)
Part # Description
L-818 Diffusion Hood 1m (2 Persons). Inlet D.200, White Hose 0.5m/D.200, Suspension Chains 4x2m and 4+4 Hooks. White.
L-819 Diffusion Hood 1.5m (4 Persons). Inlet D.200, White Hose 0,5m/D.200, Suspension Chains 4x2m and 4+4 Hooks. White.
L-820 Diffusion Hood 2m (6 persons). Inlet D.200, White Hose 0,5m/D.200, Suspension Chains 4x2m and 4+4 Hooks. White.
L-829 Diffusion Hood 2.5m (8 persons). Inlet D.200, White Hose 0,5m/D.200, Suspension Chains 4x2m and 4+4 Hooks. White.
Step 3: Select Duct Kit (L= Distance from center of table to the unit)
Part # Description
L-824 Horisontal Duct work L=2m. 2 Bends 90/D.200, Duct D.200 (0.8m+0.8m), Suspension Chains 4x2m and 2+2 Hooks. White.
L-825 Horisontal Duct work L=2.3 m. 2 Bends 90/D.200, Duct D.200(1.1m+0.8m), Suspension Chains 4x2m and 2+2 Hooks. White.
L-826 Horisontal Duct work L=2.6m. 2 Bends 90/D.200, Duct D.200 (1.1m+1.1m), Suspension Chains 4x2m and 2+2 Hooks. White.
L-827 Horisontal Duct work L=2.8m. 2 Bends 90/200, Duct D.200 (0.8m+0.8m+0.8m), Suspension Chains 6x2m and 6+6 Hooks. White.
Step 4: Select Horizontal Extension Duct (ONLY required for L greater than 2.8m)
Part # Description
L-836 Horisontal Extension Duct L=0.6m/D.200, Male Coupling D.200, Suspension Chains 2x2m and 2+2 Hooks. White.
L-837 Horisontal Extension Duct L=0.8m/D.200, Male Coupling D.200, Suspension Chains 2x2m and 2+2 Hooks. White.
L-838 Horisontal Extension Duct L=1.1m/D.200, Male Coupling D.200, Suspension Chains 2x2m, 2+2 Hooks. White.
Optional Replacement HEPA Filter
Part # Description
L-802 Replacement HEPA filter coronavirus H14 (8M2) for COVID-CBF-700 Models. Certificate and Leak Test.
L-803 Replacement HEPA filter coronavirus H14 (13m2) for COVID-CBF-1000 Models. Certificate and Leak Test.
Optional UVC Lamp
Part # Description
UVC-LAMPS UVC lamp option for air purifier for covid.
Optional Replacement Washable Pre-Filter
Part # Description
L-800 Replacement F5 Prefilter for COVID-CBF-700 Models.
L-801 Replacement F5 Prefilter for COVID-CBF-1000 Models.
Other Industries / Processes
As we understand that our products may need to be re-applied during their life span (+20 years), we have listed below other applications that this product can be used For. Before re-applying any of our solutions, please contact one of our representatives to confirm the suitability of your application.

Dental Offices - Operating Room
Educational Facilities - Auto Shop
Food & Beverage Manufacturing - Food Packaging Plant
Vehicle Repair Garage - Buffing and Polishing