(08-08) Minispray Dry Painting Booth **
By means of the centrifugal fan mounted on the top of the booth, negative pressure is created, drawing air through the filters. This flow draws the particles of paint suspended in the air to the filters without any dispersion in the surrounding environment. The first stage of filtration blocks the larger particles of paint and the second, made of fiberglass, blocks the finer particles; the air purified of solid pigments is expelled by the fan. The Minispray dry painting booths are designed to ensure versatility, modularity and efficiency. They consist entirely of zinc-plated panels bolted together: the side panels and dividers are self supported. The extracting front has filter holding grooves set for housing a double filtering system. On top, is the spark proof centrifugal fan. Dimensions and Weight: 98"x42"x42" at 550lbs (casters included)

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Main System / Part
Part # Qty  Description
Minispray Minispray Dry Painting Booth – No Motor or controls 2119 cfm (3600 m³/h) delivery.
Roll Stock Filter Media
Part # Qty  Description
PF-2PTM Prefilter – 2” polyester tackified media.