(02-13) SCC Series- Trolley-mounted vacuum filter for wood dusts and shavings **
Trolley-mounted vacuum filter for wood dusts and shavings. Due to their heavy use in the industrial environment, the SCC series dust collectors are very strong and solid; this guarantees longer duration through time. Moreover, thanks to accurate design, they are reliable and user friendly. SCC series is suitable for the extraction of dusts of a various nature and dry shavings on individual or multiple sources of dust.

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Main System / Part
Part # Qty  Description
SCC-3000 SCC-3000 7.5KW Trolley-mounted vacuum filter for wood dusts and shavings. 3530 cfm (6000 m³/h) flow rate. 300 mm intake opening diameter
Part # Qty  Description
SCC-3000-CONTROLLER Main electrical control unit for SCC-3000 unit.


  • E-STOP

  • Safety Switch for Bin Removal - prevents operation when bins not in place.

  • Thermal Cut-Off

  • Timed Emptying Function - Unit will not run unless bins emptied at least once every 24 hours.

  • Sequential Filter Cleaner Controller

  • Accessories
    Part # Qty  Description
    SCC-3000-BIN-EXT Oversized collection bins for dust collection. Units seal tightly to SCC-3000 unit.
    SCC-3000-LIFT-EXT Lift extension kit for the SCC-3000 unit to raise it for larger dust collection bins.
    SCC-3000-PAD Concrete pad installation for SCC-3000 unit. Required if SCC-3000-LIFT-EXT is selected.