(05-06) ALH1 Aluminum Dust NFPA - 24''D X 32’’W (800 CFM); 24''D X 48’’W (1,700 CFM)**
Downdraft table that Meets NFPA 651 for processing and finishing aluminum when properly used and maintained.
Integral Collection Area and Work Surface Draws contaminants away from workers' breathing zone without hindering movement, open work area meets range of applications
  • Direct-Drive Blower: Higher static pressure, longer filter life and greater reliability; no belts or pulleys to replace.
  • Non-electrostatic Operation: High reliability, low maintenance.
  • Ultra-Seal® Filter Mounting: Eliminates contaminant bypass of filters.
  • Optional Casters: 5" casters and 8" wheels for portability.
  • Ergonomic Cabinet: Easy access speeds filter change out and maintenance.
  • 800 CFM (150 FPM downdraft velocity)
  • Electrical meets NFPA Division II, group-E for aluminum dust. CONSTRUCTION:12, 14, and 16 ga. welded steel cabinet with powder-coat finish. Includes removable end cap for easy access to filter, removable back panel for access to direct drive motor/blower compartment, removable 5 gallon external dust drawer, 8” front wheels with 5” rear swivel casters, 25ft. 12 ga. power cord and on-off switch for 115V units. 230/1 phase and 3 phase units are wired to a side junction box. (Ferrous grates and VIBRA-PULSE filter cleaning system not available. (Motor starter not included.)
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    Main System / Part
    Part # Qty  Description
    ALH1-3 800 cfm portable downdraft table to collect aluminum dust, 24" deep x 32" wide work surface at 36.25" height. 150 fpm downdraft velocity, with 12" tall aluminum side & back shields and aluminum grate panels. Contains (1) ULTRACLEAN-PLUS ™ cartridge filter. (150 sq.ft.) and a 1 Hp Class II, Group E motor. 5753/60 Hz (12/6 amps). Electrical components meet NFPA requirements for Class II, Group-E. (ALUMINUM DUST). 71 dBA. AS PER CANADIAN LAW; this unit is electrically approved by CSA/ESA field evaluation.
    Filter Options (when ordering with main unit)
    Part # Qty  Description
    ALH-1-EXAD External AD Module Filter Option for Standard ALH-1 Unit
    ALH-1-EXDOP External 95% DOP Filter Option for Standard ALH-1 Unit
    ALH-1-EXHE External 99.97% HEPA Filter Option for Standard ALH-1 Unit
    ALH-1-EXT HE/AD Kit using EXTERNAL HEPA and EXTERNAL AD options.
    Localized Enclosures and Shields
    Part # Qty  Description
    ALH-1-BF3A Aluminum Enclosure, 36 High, Sides, Back & Top Option for Standard ALH-1 Unit
    Sound Attenuation
    Part # Qty  Description
    ALH-1-S-EXT External Silencer Option for Standard ALH-1 Unit
    Misc. Options
    Part # Qty  Description
    2KT6-1760-ALH1 Table extension painted blue for ALH-1, full width with solid surface, 9" deep
    Misc. Options (when ordering main unit)
    Part # Qty  Description
    2FR5-1001 Cartridge, AD, refillable with 1 prefilter pad and 1 afterfilter pad. Holds 15 lbs. of charcoal.
    ALH-1-FIBER Fiberglass Bar Grate Option for Standard ALH-1 Unit
    ALH-1-PG-5 0-5 magna-helic pressure gauge, approximately 5 diameter size. Surface mounted.
    Preventative Maintenance Pressure Gauges, etc. (when ordering main unit)
    Part # Qty  Description
    ALH-1-PG-6 0-6 magna-helic pressure gauge, approximately 5 diameter size. Surface mounted.
    - Installation Accessories
    Part # Qty  Description
    ALH-INLET-6OR8 Duct connection inlet for ALH-1 or ALH-2. Unit is delivered without the standard table top surface and instead it is equipped with a 6 or 8 collar for duct. Please specify duct diameter when ordering.
    Replacement filters - (Quantity discounts available upon request)
    Part # Qty  Description
    1PN6-1749 Aluminum Grate Panels. Price per each (6 required for DTH800) DUSTPAK ALH-1, DUSTPAK ALH-2, DUSTPAK AL-6, DUSTPAK DTH-800, (9 required for DUSTPAK DTH-1700.)
    2AF2-0011 2 Polyester Frame & Pad .
    2AF9-0001 Adsorber module, flat, refillable. (18" x 24" x 2½"). Holds 18 lbs. of charcoal.Charcoal sold separately.
    7FJ9-5003 95% @ 0.3 microns DOP Filter for PCH/DCH/DTH/ALH units
    7FJ9-9003 99.97% @ 0.3 microns HEPA Filter for PCH/DCH/DTH/ALH units, Metal Frame
    7FJ9-9003-W 99.97% @ 0.3 microns HEPA Filter for PCH/DCH/DTH/ALH units WOOD FRAME
    7FR0-5020 OEM Cartridge Filter ALH-1/2/6 filter used in explosive and flamable applications such as aluminum dust applications.
    Roll Stock Filter Media
    Part # Qty  Description
    PF-2PTM Prefilter – 2” polyester tackified media.
    Spare Part (Call for quantity discount)
    Part # Qty  Description
    1PN6-1741 Baffle for ALH Unit