(14-082) 4.5'' Dia. Portable Vehicle Exhaust Solution VES-4 Fan (340 CFM up to 450 CFM with fan upgrade)
340 CFM*, 4.5” Diameter Portable Vehicle Exhaust systems for exhaust removal applications. Ideal for applications where stationary systems may not reach, V.E.S. Portable Removal System provides convenient exhaust removal for relief from the annoyance of vehicle exhaust.
Lightweight and easy to handle, the V.E.S. Portable Removal System is a simple solution for providing portable exhaust removal.
Product Overview:
  • Removes exhaust gases rather than just re-circulating it within the facility.
  • One-person operation is made easy with standard wheels and support stand.
  • Powerful 340 CFM collection fan in a portable package. (See Options for Higher flow rates / CFM )
  • Operates with standard 115V power for use anywhere within a service bay. (1.5 and 3HP fans require higher 208/230/460/575V)
    Please Note: 340 CFM is ACTUAL CFM when hoses are connected to the fan. Free-Blowing (No Hoses attached) CFM is 600 CFM
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    Main System / Part
    Part # Qty  Description
    VES4-P-1/2HP Portable exhaust collection system consisting of a 1/2 HP TEFC motor/blower 115V/1/60Hz with stand/mounting bracket,25 ft of 4.5" dia inlet hose, and 4.5" dia oval tailpipe connector and 8' of 6" 275 degree exhaust hose)
    Nozzle Accessories
    Part # Qty  Description
    2TL0-9012 5 Tailpipe Connector for Trucks, Aluminum. Connects to 4.5 dia. hose.
    Misc. Options (when ordering main unit)
    Part # Qty  Description
    VES-1.0HP 1.0 HP 115V or 3 phase blower in place of standard 1/2 HP TEFC motor/blower
    VES-1.5HP Upgrade to 1.5HP 115V/1/60 Blower Option for Portable VES Unit
    VES-TAILPIPE-4 Delete Standard 4.5 Oval Tailpipe connector without clamp and replace with 4.5 oval connector with toggle-clamp option for VES Hose System.
    Spare Part (Call for quantity discount)
    Part # Qty  Description
    2TL0-9009 4.5 Oval Tailpipe Connector w/toggle clamp & CO2 port.
    2TL0-9019 4.5 Standard Tailpipe Connector, Less Toggle Clamp.
    7HD7-7304 4.5 dia. 25' long Rubber-Flex 275 degree Rubber hose (black/blue). Price per 25' length.
    7HD7-7305 4.5 dia. Rubber-Flex 375 degree Rubber hose.
    7HD7-7306 6 dia. 25' long, Rubber-Flex 275 degree Rubber hose (black/blue). Price per 25' length.
    7HD7-7307 6" dia. Rubber-Flex 375 degree Rubber hose.
    7HD7-7308 4.5 dia. 24' long, Rubber-Flex 600 degree Rubber hose (blue). Price per 24' length.
    7HD7-7309 6" dia. 24' long, Rubber-Flex 600 degree Rubber Hose (black/blue). Price per 24' length.
    7HG3-5001 4" dia hose clamp