(13-75) Dust Collector Control Panel - Type 2 VFD System with shaker
Type 2 VFD exhaust system with shaker motor filter cleaning. Provides standard type 2 system performance (see 13-13) plus timed off-line filter cleaning with manual override. Indicators provided for fan running and filter cleaning in operation. Many standard and custom options available. Available with Invertek or ABB VFDs.

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Main System / Part
Part # Qty  Description
Custom Control Panel EEMAC12 remote mounted panel includes:
  • Hand off auto switch (located inside panel)
  • Off: Turns off fan and electric shaker
  • Auto: Allows starting of the fan from remote switch. Fan runs at variable speed based upon demand.
  • Pressure transmitter: provides signal to VFD to allow on demand flow
  • VFD: IP65 VFD located outside of panel
  • Shaker starter
  • Shaker timer
  • Control transformer
  • Pilot lights for fan and for shaker
  • Fused door disconnect.
  • Shaker to start with 5 second (adjustable to 30 seconds) delay after dust collector is de-energized. Panel to be CSA approved.
  • VFD-ABB Brand
    Part # Qty  Description
    VFD-A250-0.5-115/1/60 ABB 250 VFD 0.5HP 110V 1-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-0.5-220/1/60 ABB 250 VFD 0.5HP 200V 1-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-0.5-220/3/60 ABB 250 VFD 0.5HP 200V 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-1.5-115/1/60 ABB 250 VFD 1.5HP 110V 1-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-10-460/3/60 ABB 250 VFD 10HP 380V 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-10-575/3/60 VFD 10HP 575V 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-1-115/1/60 ABB 250 VFD 1HP 110V 1-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-1-220/1/60 ABB 250 VFD 1HP 200V 1-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-1-220/3/60 1HP 240V VFD 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-1-460/3/60 1HP 480V VFD 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-15-575/3/60 ABB 250 VFD 15HP 500V 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-1-575/3/60 1HP 600V VFD 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-2-220/1/60 ABB 250 VFD 2HP 200V 1-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-2-220/3/60 2HP 230V VFD 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-2-460/3/60 2HP 480V VFD 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-2-575/3/60 2HP 600V VFD 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-3-220/1/60 ABB 250 VFD 3HP 200V 1-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-3-220/3/60 3HP 240V VFD 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-3-460/3/60 3HP 480V VFD 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-3-575/3/60 3HP 600V VFD 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-5-220/3/60 5HP 240V VFD 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-5-460/3/60 5HP 480V VFD 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-5-575/3/60 5HP 600V VFD 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-7.5-460/3/60 ABB 250 VFD 7.5HP 380V 3-Phase 60Hz
    VFD-A250-7.5-575/3/60 ABB 250 VFD 7.5HP 500V 3-Phase 60Hz
    Electric Hose Reel Accessories
    Part # Qty  Description
    HRE-Motor-120V Motor 220v electric motor designed for electric hose reel. Amperage 1.8, Running 340 Watts 60hrz. Single phase
    - Installation Accessories
    Part # Qty  Description
    DPT-020 Differential pressure transmitter 0 - 20 H2O