(14-073) Vehicle Exhaust (Trucks & Heavy equipment.) Herculean +H-MAX Articulating Crane Drop with Hose reel and RCA nozzle - 8/10/12/14 inch dia Hoses
The VE Articulating Crane with hose reel allows you to position the Hose Drop on any side of the vehicle and to fold the extraction system against the wall and out of the way. The Articulating Crane will reach far into the service bay and pass over the top of heavy equipment with ease.
  • Low Temp. Hose: suitable for temperatures up to 250º F
  • High Temp. Hose: suitable for temperatures of 850º F
  • Custom temperature range available upon request The system is made of the Herculean extension boom, H-MAX boom and hose reel with RCA nozzle.
  • 001a - How to Install (How to install local exhaust system, Isometric and Exploded Views):