(14-072) Vehicle Exhaust (Trucks & Heavy equipment.) Herculean Articulating Crane Drop with extraction arm - 8/10/12/14 inch dia Hoses
The VE Articulating Crane Drop with high temp "Self-Supporting" extraction arm allows you to position the nozzle/hood directly over the tailpipe of the vehicle without any mechanical connection. The entire assembly folds out of the way and against the wall (if applicable) the extraction system against the wall and out of the way. The Articulating Crane will reach as far as 10m (38')into the service bay and pass over the top of heavy equipment with ease.
  • Low Temp. Hose: suitable for temperatures up to 250º - 350º F
  • High Temp. Hose: suitable for temperatures of 850º - 1000º F
  • Ultra High temperatures available up to 2500º - 3500º F
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    Main System / Part
    Part # Qty  Description
    VE-ACD-10-16-1000 10m (30') Articulating crane for VE drops c/w 23' of 16 diameter 1000 deg. (F) hose.
    Misc. Options (when ordering main unit)
    Part # Qty  Description
    VE-SAD-10 10 dia. Saddle / Hose support for Vehicle Exhaust Hoses on ACD's, Simple hose drops