(01-042) TERFU Lab & Bench Top - Externally Supported - 2'',3'',4'' Ø
TERFU is a local extractor with friction joints designed for use in workplaces where great flexibility is required e.g. laboratories and production environments in lighter industrial applications. Always easy to select the right product. Terfu is available in four versions:
  • Standard version. Suitable for evacuation of most types of airborne contaminants.
  • PP version. Most suitable for evacuation of highly corrosive contaminants in high concentrations.
  • ESD version. For ESD environments, type approved to EN 61340-5-1.
  • ATEX version. For ATEX classed environments, as in directive 94/9/EC category 2, for gases and dust.
    Terfu is available in sizes 50, 75 and 100 mm. All sizes are suitable for table mounting, ceiling mounting and wall mounting. The same suction arm is used for suspended mounting from ceilings and walls. Ceiling and wallbrackets consists of anodised square section aluminium profile for high finish and good stability. The 050 and 075 sizes use the same brackets, while the 0100 size has its own selection of brackets. All ceiling brackets are available in eight standard lengths up to 2 m. Longer lenghts can be supplied to special orders. To further simplify your mounting and provide a neat finish, escutcheon plate MTI CT can be used if it is nessary to cut holes in the false ceiling. There are six hoods adapted for Terfu 50 & 75 and four specially adapted hoods for Terfu 100. A suitable air flow is from 20 l/s to 125 l/s. 75 m /h - 450 m /h . The TERFU system is design protected with several patents- and design protections pending. Simple, easy function. The friction joints have a large frictional diameter and are supported with ball bearings. The degree of friction is easily adjusted with a one-hand knob. Adapted support springs balance out the weight of the arm. All arms are equipped with a 360 degree rotational swivel mounted in place. An air tight damper is fitted as standard.