(13-025) AFS Direct Drive Fans
Direct drive fans from 1 HP to 10 HP

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Main System / Part
Part # Qty  Description
BM09-1 1Hp,115/230/1/60 w/radial blower
BM12-1 3HP High Pressure Motor/Blower, 208-230/460v
BM14-1 5HP High Pressure Motor/Blower, 208-230/460v
BM14-2 5HP High Pressure Motor/Blower, 575v
BM02-1 5HP, BI Blower Assembly,208-230/460V
BM02-2 5HP, BI Blower Assembly 575v
BM03-1 7.5HP, BI Blower Assembly,208-230/460v
BM03-2 7.5HP, BI Blower Assembly 575v
BM04-1 10HP, BI Blower Assembly,208-230/460v
BM04-2 10HP, BI Blower Assembly 575v
Accessories for direct drive and belt driven fans
Part # Qty  Description
ACCESS-DOOR Quick open Door, optional accessory for Lev-co fans.
- Installation Accessories
Part # Qty  Description
Vibration Isolator Vibration Isolation for fans