(02-23) Roll-Flex-V - 700 to 1,400 CFM - VOC's and Odours - c/w 6.5 Extraction Arm **
This "V" version of the ROLL FLEX filter is ideally suited for most VOC, ODOUR, and SMALL SPRAY painting applications.
The air is pre-filtered with a washable particulate filter and then then treated by either a single or dual stage, "gas phase" adsorption media filter. This solution is compact, very flexible and comes complete with a 7’ or 10' extraction arm.


Unit made of powder painted steel sheet. Fan 1.1 kw (1.5HP), 120 V/1/60, 2400 m³/hr. (1400 CFM). Impeller is non-sparking (aluminum) and the motor is installed out of the airstream and meets AMCA Sparkproof B & C ratings. This version of the Roll Flex comes standard with 4 casters (2 swivel/lockable), 1 Impingement baffle, 1 high capacity washable pre-filter, 1 canister for 18 lbs. of phase 1 adsorption media and a clean-out dust tray. Delivered complete with ON/OFF starter, cable, and plug.


  • 2nd stage (Dual Pass) gas phase filters
  • Custom adsorption media for filtering non-VOC gases
  • Extension hoods
  • Hazardous Locations certification
  • 001 - Spec Drawings:
    Main System / Part
    Part # Description
    RF-V-10 Self-Cleaning ROLL FLEX cartridge filter; 1.1 kw (1.5hp), 120 V, 1400 CFM Complete with 3m (10') Extraction Arm.
  • AS PER CANADIAN LAW; this unit is electrically approved by CSA/ESA field evaluation.
  • Hood Options
    Part # Description
    H-SP-PA-200 Light-weight spray paint hood Galvanized 28ga construction Cardboard paint arrester Used with (8") extraction Arm
    H-SP-PA-QC Light-weight spray paint hood Galvanized 28ga construction Cardboard paint arrester Used with P-003 extraction Arm Quick connect version with bungee attachment
    Start/Stop Switch
    Part # Description
    VFD-AC-DA3P ON/OFF SWITCH 3 Phase Power On/Off Switch Kit
    Motor Voltage Selection
    Part # Description
    RF-VOLT-230/3 230 3 phase Motor upgrade for RF series Units
    Hose, Hood & Nozzle Options
    Part # Description
    P-018-160-2MAG 10' long 6.5" 250 deg. hose, hood & 2 magnets
    P-018-200-2MAG Extension hose for welding, 10' long 8" 250 deg. hose, hood & 2 magnets
    RELH-160/200 Extension/receiving hood connects directly to the hood on all flexi series extraction arms. Conical hood extension (6" or 8" dia. inlet) 24" outside diameter,. 18G, Aluminum.
    SM-200 Safety mesh for Flexi extraction arms and P-Max Fans.
    Misc. Options
    Part # Description
    Roll Flex V-LAB Labour required to install carbon filter and other alterations and inspections.
    Filter Options
    Part # Description
    C-RF-SCF-20 "2nd Pass" Deep Bed Absorption module. Comes complete with 20 lbs. of activated carbon. Other adsorption Media's are available. Please note: this module is sold as an option.
    Hazardous location certifications and accessories
    Part # Description
    HAZLOC-CERT-EXISTING-EQUIP Hazardous Location Certification for equipment use in Class 1 Division 2. To include but not limited to the following:

    Hazardous location equipment Labeling

  • Approval Report
  • Certification Sticker
  • HAZLOC-CERT-NEW-EQUIPMENT Hazardous Location Certification for equipment use in Class 1 Division 2. To include but not limited to the following:

    Hazardous location equipment Labeling

  • Approval Report
  • Certification Sticker
  • Replacement filters - (Quantity discounts available upon request)
    Part # Description
    CHARCOAL-15 15 lbs. Bag of non-recycled coconut shell-based activated carbon.
    CHARCOAL-40 40 lbs. of non-recycled coconut shell-based activated charcoal.
    P-004-WFC-12 Combo Filter. Spun bond polyester Pre-filter and Deep Bed activated carbon (holds approx. 15 lbs.) 11.5" Deep.
    Other Industries / Processes
    As we understand that our products may need to be re-applied during their life span (+20 years), we have listed below other applications that this product can be used For. Before re-applying any of our solutions, please contact one of our representatives to confirm the suitability of your application.

    Aerospace - Painting and Marking
    Aerospace - Surface Grinders
    Auto body repair - Buffing and Polishing
    Auto body repair - Deburring
    Auto body repair - Painting and Marking
    Auto body repair - Steel Welding
    Auto body repair - Torch Cutting Ventilation
    Chemicals and Plastics Manufacturing - Pesticide Manufacturing
    Chemicals and Plastics Manufacturing - Plastic Manufacturing
    Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing - Electronics Assembly Line
    Construction - Mortar/Plaster Mixer
    Construction - Paint Spray Gun
    Dental Offices - Operating Room
    Dental Offices - Procedure Room
    Educational Facilities - Auto Shop
    Educational Facilities - Machine Shop
    Educational Facilities - Welding Shop
    Educational Facilities - Wood Shop
    Food & Beverage Manufacturing - Animal Food Manufacturing
    Food & Beverage Manufacturing - Food Packaging Plant
    Forensics - Forensics Laboratories
    Heavy and Farm Equipment Repair - Farm Equipment Repair
    Heavy and Farm Equipment Repair - Heavy Equipment Repair
    Machine Shop - Abrasive Cut-Off Saw
    Machine Shop - Circular Automatic Buffing
    Machine Shop - Core Grinder
    Machine Shop - Manual Buffing and Polishing
    Machine Shop - Metal Polishing Belt
    Machine Shop - Portable Chipping and Grinding Table
    Machine Shop - Straight Line Automatic Buffing
    Machine Shop - Vertical Spindle Disc Grinder
    Marine - Hull Building
    Marine - Pump Room Cleaning
    Marine - Tank Stripping
    Mining and Quarrying - Drilling
    Mining and Quarrying - Electromechanical Equipment
    Mining and Quarrying - Equipment Cleaning
    Mining and Quarrying - Lead Smelting
    MRO - Heavy Equipment Repair
    MRO - Painting and Marking
    MRO - Steel Welding
    MRO - Torch Cutting Ventilation
    Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions - Artifact Cleaning
    Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions - Paleontology
    National Defense - Military Vehicle Repair
    Painting - Small Paint Booth
    Pharmaceutical - BioFarm - Pill Productions
    Pharmaceutical - BioFarm - Prosthesis
    Pharmaceutical - BioFarm - Tablet Press Machine
    Process Engineering - Rubber Calender Rolls
    Public Transportation - Subway Maintenance and Repair
    Refineries and Energy - Petroleum Refining
    The Art's - Jewelry Manufacturing
    Vehicle Repair Garage - Buffing and Polishing
    Welding Shops - Copper Alloy Welding
    Welding Shops - Magnesium Welding
    Welding Shops - Nickel Welding
    Welding Shops - Stainless Welding
    Welding Shops - Steel Welding
    Welding Shops - Torch Cutting Ventilation
    Woodworking - Band Saw
    Woodworking - Chainsaw
    Woodworking - Circular Saw