(02-055) PAF - Fumes & Gases - Externally Supported **
Portable local extractor for use in fabshops, garages, construction sites, etc. Ideal for extracting fumes at source and exhausting them away from the worker. Comes complete with 1hp fan, 7' extraction arm, wheels, motor overload, switch, plug, 25' of exhaust hose on the outlet of the fan. NB: When using for vehicle exhaust, please select the high temperature hose kit that suits your application.
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Main System / Part
Part # Description
PAF-5-7 Mobile extractor, complete with fan, 23 feet standard hose on the outlet and 15 feet electrical cable
Hose to Hose Connectors
Part # Description
COUPLER-DUCT-5 5" Coupler for duct, 24 gauge, C/W 1 centre bead.
Hose Clamps
Part # Description
KB-CLAMP-5 5" Dia, Std 'Forever' Clamp, Std Clmp/BUNA-N Gasket, SS.
Hose, Hood & Nozzle Options
Part # Description
VE-HI-TEMP-KIT Includes High Temperature hose for the extraction arm and 25' of hose for the exhaust. Please note that this kit is only applicable for vehicles under the following conditions: ---> Gas engines up to 250 HP Running at "idle" ---> Diesel engines up to 150 HP running at "idle" NB: For Larger engines please use our product P2D2-X found in the Vehicle Exhaust section of our catalogue.
Misc. Options
Part # Description
GDDK-6 6" Garage Door Duct Kit for Portable Vehicle Exhaust Solutions.
Other Industries / Processes
As we understand that our products may need to be re-applied during their life span (+20 years), we have listed below other applications that this product can be used For. Before re-applying any of our solutions, please contact one of our representatives to confirm the suitability of your application.

Aerospace - Painting and Marking
Aerospace - Surface Grinders
Auto body repair - Buffing and Polishing
Auto body repair - Deburring
Auto body repair - Painting and Marking
Auto body repair - Steel Welding
Auto body repair - Torch Cutting Ventilation
Chemicals and Plastics Manufacturing - Pesticide Manufacturing
Chemicals and Plastics Manufacturing - Plastic Manufacturing
Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing - Electronics Assembly Line
Construction - Mortar/Plaster Mixer
Construction - Paint Spray Gun
Dental Offices - Operating Room
Dental Offices - Procedure Room
Educational Facilities - Auto Shop
Educational Facilities - Machine Shop
Educational Facilities - Welding Shop
Educational Facilities - Wood Shop
Food & Beverage Manufacturing - Animal Food Manufacturing
Food & Beverage Manufacturing - Food Packaging Plant
Forensics - Forensics Laboratories
Heavy and Farm Equipment Repair - Farm Equipment Repair
Heavy and Farm Equipment Repair - Heavy Equipment Repair
Machine Shop - Abrasive Cut-Off Saw
Machine Shop - Circular Automatic Buffing
Machine Shop - Core Grinder
Machine Shop - Manual Buffing and Polishing
Machine Shop - Metal Polishing Belt
Machine Shop - Portable Chipping and Grinding Table
Machine Shop - Straight Line Automatic Buffing
Machine Shop - Vertical Spindle Disc Grinder
Marine - Hull Building
Marine - Pump Room Cleaning
Marine - Tank Stripping
Mining and Quarrying - Drilling
Mining and Quarrying - Electromechanical Equipment
Mining and Quarrying - Equipment Cleaning
Mining and Quarrying - Lead Smelting
MRO - Heavy Equipment Repair
MRO - Painting and Marking
MRO - Steel Welding
MRO - Torch Cutting Ventilation
Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions - Artifact Cleaning
Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions - Paleontology
National Defense - Military Vehicle Repair
Painting - Small Paint Booth
Pharmaceutical - BioFarm - Pill Productions
Pharmaceutical - BioFarm - Prosthesis
Pharmaceutical - BioFarm - Tablet Press Machine
Process Engineering - Rubber Calender Rolls
Public Transportation - Subway Maintenance and Repair
Refineries and Energy - Petroleum Refining
The Art's - Jewelry Manufacturing
Vehicle Repair Garage - Buffing and Polishing
Welding Shops - Copper Alloy Welding
Welding Shops - Magnesium Welding
Welding Shops - Nickel Welding
Welding Shops - Stainless Welding
Welding Shops - Steel Welding
Welding Shops - Torch Cutting Ventilation
Woodworking - Band Saw
Woodworking - Chainsaw
Woodworking - Circular Saw