(10-09) MicroAir Systems MC-3000 Air Cleaner **
Ceiling/wall mounted cartridge collector for source or ambient capture. Ambient or Source Capture of:
  • Welding Smoke and Fumes
  • Grinding Dust
  • Powders
  • Other Dry Dusts
  • Revolutionary Roto-Pulse Filter Cleaning Systems
  • High Capacity Allows for Multiple Drops Without a Loss In CFM
  • Modular Design
  • Built-In Silencer Plenum
  • Hinged Door for Easy Filter Access
  • Motor Starter/Overload Relay Standard
  • After Pulse Cleaning Standard
    OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 36” H X 42” W X 86” L
    WEIGHT: 950 LBS
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    Main System / Part
    Part # Qty  Description
    MAS-MC3000-SB Standard Blower Module
    Voltage Options
    Part # Qty  Description
    MAS-MC3000-5HP2 5 HP, 208/230 Volt, Three Phase
    MAS-MC3000-5HP4 5 HP, 460 Volt, Three Phase
    MAS-MC3000-7.5HP2 7 1/2 HP, 208/230 Volt, Three Pase
    MAS-MC3000-7.5HP4 7 1/2 HP, 460 Volt, Three Phase
    Filter Module Options
    Part # Qty  Description
    MAS-MC3000-250 Filter Module with 80/20 Cartridges, 250 SF Media each
    MAS-MC3000-291 Filter Module with 80/20 Cartridges, 291 SF Media each
    MAS-MC3000-NC Filter module with no cartridges
    MAS-MC3000-PS Filter Module with poly spun, Ducks Back Cartridges
    After Filter Module/Magnahelic Gauge Options
    Part # Qty  Description
    MAS-MC3000-AFM After Filter Module
    MAS-MC3000-MGAF Magnahelic Gauge - With After Filter
    MAS-MC3000-MGNAF Magnahelic Gauge - With No After Filter
    MAS-MC3000-NFM No After Filter Module Ordered
    After Filter Options
    Part # Qty  Description
    MAS-MC3000-2REF Two EA. Refillable Modules
    MAS-MC3000-2x95 Two EA. 95% HEPA Filters
    MAS-MC3000-2x95/2xREF Two EA. 95% HEPA Filters/Two EA. Refillable Modules
    MAS-MC3000-2x99.97 Two EA. 99.97% HEPA Filters
    MAS-MC3000-2x99.97/2xREF Two EA. 99.97% HEPA Filters/Two EA. Refillable Modules
    MAS-MC3000-4REF Four EA. Refillable Modules
    MAS-MC3000-4x95 Four EA. 95% HEPA Filters
    MAS-MC3000-4x99.97 Four EA. 99.97% HEPA Filters
    Filter Media Options
    Part # Qty  Description
    MAS-MC3000-CHA2 Charcoal for 2 Refillable Modules (60 LBS.)
    MAS-MC3000-CHA4 Charcoal for 4 Refillable Modules
    MAS-MC3000-MOD Modules
    MAS-MC3000-PUR2 Purasorb for 2 Refillable Modules (94 LBS.)
    MAS-MC3000-PUR4 Purasorb for 4 Refillable Modules
    Inlet Plenum Option
    Part # Qty  Description
    MAS-MC3000-IP Inlet Plenum w/one EA. 16 Diameter Collar
    Dust Collection Options
    Part # Qty  Description
    MAS-MC3000-HOP Hopper with blast gate
    MAS-MC3000-TRA Dust tray
    Motor Pulley Options
    Part # Qty  Description
    MAS-MC3000-PU1000 Pulleys for 5 HP 1000 RPM curve (Use for ambient systems)
    MAS-MC3000-PU1200 Pulleys for 5 HP 1200 RPM curve
    MAS-MC3000-PU1375 Pulleys for 5 HP 1375 RPM curve
    MAS-MC3000-PU1675 Pulleys for 5 HP 1675 RPM curve
    MAS-MC3000-PU1800 Pulleys for 7 1/2 HP, 1800 RPM curve
    MAS-MC3000-PU1950 Pulleys for 7 1/2 HP, 1950 RPM curve
    Start/Stop Switch
    Part # Qty  Description
    MAS-MC3000-REM Remote START/STOP switch
    Exhaust Options
    Part # Qty  Description
    MAS-MC3000-SEP Side Exhaust Plenum
    Preventative Maintenance Pressure Gauges, etc. (when ordering main unit)
    Part # Qty  Description
    LEV-MC-PG-5 Pressure Gauge - complete with Wall, Ceiling or table mounting bracket and 0-5 pressure gauge. 3/16 inside diameter tubing ordered separately.
    PG-10 Pressure Gauge - complete with Wall, Ceiling or table mounting bracket and 0-10 pressure gauge. 3/16 inside diameter tubing ordered separately.
    Replacement filters - (Quantity discounts available upon request)
    Part # Qty  Description
    MAS-P3032 9.5 X 19.38 X 5.86 95% ASHRAE FILTER
    PP-24-6 Polyester replacement pad for Pre-filter... 24" X 6"