(02-99) SE1400 Smoke Extractor **
Portable Filtration of Dust and Gases complete with 2 Stage filtration (Spark arresting Pre-filter & Washable Main filter), Fan & Super flexible Extraction Arm. Capacity of 1450 CFM ''Free-Blowing' and 700 CFM ''at the Hood''
The SE1400 smoke extractor provides both high volume extraction and a high degree of filtration - up to 99.9% efficiency. The extraction arm captures welding fume and dust at a distance of 12 - 20" (30 - 50 cm) from the source and within an area of 20" (0.5 m) diameter. The arm can be rotated through 360 degrees. The unit can also be fitted with an activated charcoal filter which removes gases from polluted air. Also available with a HEPA filter.
Available EXCLUSIVELY at all RED-D-ARC Locations in North America
Main System / Part
Part # Description
SE-1400 SE-1400 Portable Filter unit with 3m (10') extractor arm 1 HP 115/1/60 TEFC motor. Color: Main Unit --> Silver, Extraction Arm --> Black

Available exclusively from Red-D-Arc
  • Please Order filters Separately
  • AS PER CANADIAN LAW; this unit is electrically approved by CSA/ESA field evaluation.
  • Replacement filters - (Quantity discounts available upon request)
    Part # Description
    SE-1400-HEPA HEPA Replacement Filter for SE-1400 Filter Units. Efficiency: 99.97% efficiency @ 0.3 microns. This After Filter is required for all stainless steel and other applications where OSHA calls for a HEPA filter.
    SE-1400-MFC-120 Combo Filter. Used in place of the SE-1400-W when fumes and/or odours are present. Be aware that the explosive gases cannot be compined with welding and grinding applications. Activated carbon ordered separatly.
    SE-1400-ST-150 Spark Trap for Cylindrical (open both ends) filter.
    SE-1400-W Washable spun-bound polyester "Spark Resistant" replacement filter cartridge for SE 1400 units Suitable for Dry & Oily smoke applications. Cleanable with Compressed air, Detergent and/or high pressure water.
    Other Industries / Processes
    As we understand that our products may need to be re-applied during their life span (+20 years), we have listed below other applications that this product can be used For. Before re-applying any of our solutions, please contact one of our representatives to confirm the suitability of your application.

    Aerospace - Painting and Marking
    Aerospace - Surface Grinders
    Auto body repair - Buffing and Polishing
    Auto body repair - Deburring
    Auto body repair - Painting and Marking
    Auto body repair - Steel Welding
    Auto body repair - Torch Cutting Ventilation
    Chemicals and Plastics Manufacturing - Pesticide Manufacturing
    Chemicals and Plastics Manufacturing - Plastic Manufacturing
    Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing - Electronics Assembly Line
    Construction - Mortar/Plaster Mixer
    Construction - Paint Spray Gun
    Dental Offices - Operating Room
    Dental Offices - Procedure Room
    Educational Facilities - Auto Shop
    Educational Facilities - Machine Shop
    Educational Facilities - Welding Shop
    Educational Facilities - Wood Shop
    Food & Beverage Manufacturing - Animal Food Manufacturing
    Food & Beverage Manufacturing - Food Packaging Plant
    Forensics - Forensics Laboratories
    Heavy and Farm Equipment Repair - Farm Equipment Repair
    Heavy and Farm Equipment Repair - Heavy Equipment Repair
    Machine Shop - Abrasive Cut-Off Saw
    Machine Shop - Circular Automatic Buffing
    Machine Shop - Core Grinder
    Machine Shop - Manual Buffing and Polishing
    Machine Shop - Metal Polishing Belt
    Machine Shop - Portable Chipping and Grinding Table
    Machine Shop - Straight Line Automatic Buffing
    Machine Shop - Vertical Spindle Disc Grinder
    Marine - Hull Building
    Marine - Pump Room Cleaning
    Marine - Tank Stripping
    Mining and Quarrying - Drilling
    Mining and Quarrying - Electromechanical Equipment
    Mining and Quarrying - Equipment Cleaning
    Mining and Quarrying - Lead Smelting
    MRO - Heavy Equipment Repair
    MRO - Painting and Marking
    MRO - Steel Welding
    MRO - Torch Cutting Ventilation
    Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions - Artifact Cleaning
    Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions - Paleontology
    National Defense - Military Vehicle Repair
    Painting - Small Paint Booth
    Pharmaceutical - BioFarm - Pill Productions
    Pharmaceutical - BioFarm - Prosthesis
    Pharmaceutical - BioFarm - Tablet Press Machine
    Process Engineering - Rubber Calender Rolls
    Public Transportation - Subway Maintenance and Repair
    Refineries and Energy - Petroleum Refining
    The Art's - Jewelry Manufacturing
    Vehicle Repair Garage - Buffing and Polishing
    Welding Shops - Copper Alloy Welding
    Welding Shops - Magnesium Welding
    Welding Shops - Nickel Welding
    Welding Shops - Stainless Welding
    Welding Shops - Steel Welding
    Welding Shops - Torch Cutting Ventilation
    Woodworking - Band Saw
    Woodworking - Chainsaw
    Woodworking - Circular Saw