(14-10) Vehicle Exhaust Rails
Our rail systems serve mobilize source capture devices and transport of contaminated fumes safely away from the working environment. These rails can be used for a variety of applications. Additionally, they can simple Hose drops with balancers (As shown in the image to the right) or more ergonomic by adding a hose reel and more 'user friendly' by adding an extractor arm. The working range of the systems is determined by the length of the rails and capture devices. Future expansion is a breeze, by simply adding extra rail, trolleys and or capture devices.
Main System / Part
Part # Description
AFSA Exhaust fume rail for shorter vehicles with low-mounted exhaust pipes, such as Ambulances.
AFSH Exhaust fume rail for longer vehicles with low-mounted exhaust pipes, such as turntable trucks.
AGC-G-150-3 Aluminium rail 150 3 m
ALU-230-2 Aluminum rail series ALU 230 lenght 2 m, with neoprene seal.
CAR-B-100-ST Sliding crab with hose reel without hose
CS-230-PB Sliding crab for aluminum extending arm model BFV for ALU 230
INT-NEO-SEAL Neoprene seals (by ft)
RAIL-4 Aluminum rail section of 4m.
Misc. Options
Part # Description
ALU-230-4 Aluminum rail series ALU 230 lenght 4 m, with neoprene seal.
Misc. Options (when ordering main unit)
Part # Description
RAIL-4-CONNECTOR Rail connector for joining rail to rail.
RAIL-4-COVER Ending cover made of stainless steel.
RAIL-4-DUCT Connector piece from a rail to a tube. Exit on side in order to connect to a tube of diameter Ø200 mm. Made of stainless steel.
RAIL-4-HR-NH Slide semi-automatic reel without hose. 650mm. Hose reel with slider and no hose.
RAIL-4-STOP STOP COVER (set of 4) for rail section.
Structural Steel
Part # Description
SAD-ALU-16-R Fixed height ceiling bracket for ALU model rail. Heights available are from 160mm - 500mm (please specify)
Part # Description
FLC-230-A Connecting flange between alunimum rail ALU 230 and ducting line.
Duct Couplers (Std. ASHRAE Gauges)
Part # Description
BC-230-250 Central ducting flange to duct from top centre of the aluminum rail. 10" duct connection. (250mm)
FL-230-A Stop flange for aluminum rail ALU 230
TL-230 Connecting flange between alunimum rail ALU 230 to another ALU 230.
- Installation Accessories
Part # Description
AFC-G-150 Stop flange for rail for ALU-150 model
ASU-G-150 Support kit for brackets-150 rail (pair).
HOSE-STOP***discontinued*** Please use Prt # HRM-6, Hose stop for 6 dia. hose reels
PRO-SF-AR 150 Stop flange for aluminum rail model AR 150
Other Industries / Processes
As we understand that our products may need to be re-applied during their life span (+20 years), we have listed below other applications that this product can be used For. Before re-applying any of our solutions, please contact one of our representatives to confirm the suitability of your application.

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