(07-01) LEV Overhead Hoods - Smoke - Washable and/or disposable filters - 4’X4’ to 12’X20’ (flow to suit)**
The LEV-Hood is a pre-engineered ventilation hood that completes with filters and fan. This ''Plug & Play'' design is ready to mount as a "free-hanging" system above a welding cell or work table and will collect/filter the smoke, fumes generated from a variety of industrial processes. The cleaned air is then re-circulated to the plant delivering additional energy savings and environmental benefits.
Most Systems can be put in position with minimal mechanical installation time, typical 2 hours/2 men per hood. Electrical motor and lighting connections are also required.
This is an excellent solution when at-the-source capture of pollutants is not possible, practical or convenient. Simply put this is a nice quiet efficient and effective air filtration system.
A high efficiency, 3-stage filtration system. The first stage of filtration is a 2" baffle filter used for spark arrestance. The 2nd stage is a 40% pleated pre-filter that will trap dust and larger particles . The 3rd stage is a 95% micro-glass multi-pocket bag filter that will remove smoke and other sub-micron size particles from the air.
001 - Equipment Specification and Dimension Drawings:002 - Brochures:003 - Client Installations - Case Studies with Photos:017 - LEV CAD Blocks (Auto CAD, RVT, SLDPRT):
Main System / Part
Part # Description
RH35-1 3000 x 1 Industrial Air Cleaner - 3000 CFM, 3/4 hp 115/1/60 TEFC Motor, 3 x 11 Hood w/Lights. AS PER CANADIAN LAW; this unit is electrically approved by CSA/ESA field evaluation.
RH35-3 3500 x 3 Industrial Air Cleaner - 3500 CFM, 2 hp 230/460/3/60 TEFC Motor, 8 x 12 hood w/ Lights. AS PER CANADIAN LAW; this unit is electrically approved by CSA/ESA field evaluation.
Misc. Options
Part # Description
3000HP 3/4 HP, 115/1/60 motor 3000 cfm
4500 HP 3 hp 208-230/460/3/60 TEFC motor, 4500 CFM
Double Stack RH35-3 Doubles filter area, adds filter service door & 24.5" to height
FLR Mount RH35-3 Floor mount frame, 8 ft high clearance max.
Manometer RH35 0-3 Manometer
Steel 3000 RH35-3 List price adder for all steel unit
T3000-SIL-ST Acoustically lined steel exhaust outlet w/4-way aluminum grille
Misc. Options (when ordering main unit)
Part # Description
LEV-ANG Angle iron galuanized strip curtains
RH-NFF-45-25 Model RH35 Canopy Hood no fan no filters, complete with internal baffles, Gromet mounted curtains 4 sides 8 feet long.
Preventative Maintenance Pressure Gauges, etc. (when ordering main unit)
Part # Description
PG-10 Pressure Gauge - complete with Wall, Ceiling or table mounting bracket and 0-10 pressure gauge. 3/16 inside diameter tubing ordered separately.
Replacement filters - (Quantity discounts available upon request)
Part # Description
BF02-2424-RH35 24 x 24 x 2 galvanized baffle filter (6-10 req)
BW10-BD10 RH35 Belt drive blower assembly
FB61-2424 RH35 65% 80 SF bag filter (6-10 req) ***please use 7FB6-5123
FB91-2424 RH35 95% 80 SF bag filter (6-10 req) ***Please use 7FB9-0123***
MT02-2431 2 HP 230/460/3/60 TEFC motor
MT03-2431 3 HP 230/460/3/60 TEFC motor
PNPE-2472 RH35 Replacement poly side panels (8-12 req)
Roll Stock Filter Media
Part # Description
PF-2PTM Prefilter – 2” polyester tackified media.
Other Industries / Processes
As we understand that our products may need to be re-applied during their life span (+20 years), we have listed below other applications that this product can be used For. Before re-applying any of our solutions, please contact one of our representatives to confirm the suitability of your application.

Auto body repair - Steel Welding
Chemicals and Plastics Manufacturing - Rubber Manufacturing
Educational Facilities - Welding Shop
MRO - Steel Welding
Vehicle Repair Garage - Buffing and Polishing
Waste Management - Waste Management Facilities
Welding Shops - Nickel Welding
Welding Shops - Stainless Welding
Welding Shops - Steel Welding