(05-08) AL6 Aluminum Dust NFPA - 42''D X 66''W (+ 3,000 CFM)**
3000 CFM heavy duty downdraft table to collect aluminum dust with its 42"D x 66"W work surface at a height of 33". This unit boasts 155 fpm downdraft velocity and includes 18" tall aluminum side and back shields. Self-contained pre-engineered downdraft table to allow for maximum, precise and energy efficient capture. Unit includes: Filtration efficiency of 99% @ 1 micron, front door for easy access to filters, and a preventative Pressure Gauge to be able to maintain and monitor the filters status, all backed by the ULTRACLEAN-PLUS™ cartridge filters (150 sq. ft. of media each) CONSTRUCTION:

10, 12 & 14 ga. welded steel cabinet with powder-coat finish; includes (2) access covers for filter removal, a removable dust drawer and thong motor wired to explosion proof junction box. (Ferrous grates not available. Motor starter not included.).

Electrical components meet NFPA for Class II Group-E for aluminum dust collection.

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Main System / Part
Part # Qty  Description
AL6-2 3000 cfm heavy duty downdraft table to collect aluminum dust, 42" deep x 66" wide work surface at 33" height. 200 fpm downdraft velocity, with 18" tall aluminum side & back shields, casters, aluminum grate. (224 lbs. per sq.ft./1500 total table loading), (6) ULTRACLEAN-PLUS ™ cartridge filters. (150 sq.ft. each) and a 3 Hp Group E motor. 575/3/60 Hz (9.2-8.0/4.0 amps) Class II Group-E. Electrical components meet NFPA 651 for processing and finishing aluminum when property used and maintained. 77 dBA (worker zone) / 81 dBA @ 5" (outlet area).
Explosion Proof Option (when ordering main unit)
Part # Qty  Description
2KT4-3009 Hazardous Location Kit, This kit conatins everything you need to upgrade the electrical to explosion proof.
Sound Attenuation
Part # Qty  Description
AL6-S-EXT Exhaust silencer For AL6 & DT3000V2 units.
AL-6-S-ST Exhaust silencer with stack adapter. Upward discharge silencer with round 16 dia. collar to accommodate vertical exhaust ducting (duct supplied by others). For AL6 & DT3000V2 units.
Misc. Options
Part # Qty  Description
AL-6-FIBER Fiberglass bar grate in place of aluminum bar grate.
Misc. Options (when ordering main unit)
Part # Qty  Description
2FR5-1001 Cartridge, AD, refillable with 1 prefilter pad and 1 afterfilter pad. Holds 15 lbs. of charcoal.
Part # Qty  Description
AL-6-PG-6 0-6 magna-helic pressure gauge, approximately 5 diameter size. Surface mounted.
Preventative Maintenance Pressure Gauges, etc. (when ordering main unit)
Part # Qty  Description
LEV-MC-PG-5 Pressure Gauge - complete with Wall, Ceiling or table mounting bracket and 0-5 pressure gauge. 3/16 inside diameter tubing ordered separately.
PG-10 Pressure Gauge - complete with Wall, Ceiling or table mounting bracket and 0-10 pressure gauge. 3/16 inside diameter tubing ordered separately.
- Installation Accessories
Part # Qty  Description
AL-6-BF2A Single 24 tall aluminum center divider for use with standard side & back shields. Divider separates table in half for two operators.
AL-6-BF3A Aluminum enclosure 36 tall with sides back and top (replaces standard side & back shields)
AL-6-REGAIN Regain air option to redirect 500 cfm back in to the work area to increase capture. To be used with the BF3 option.
Replacement filters - (Quantity discounts available upon request)
Part # Qty  Description
1PN6-1749 Aluminum Grate Panels. Price per each (6 required for DTH800) DUSTPAK ALH-1, DUSTPAK ALH-2, DUSTPAK AL-6, DUSTPAK DTH-800, (9 required for DUSTPAK DTH-1700.)
7FR0-5020 OEM Cartridge Filter ALH-1/2/6 filter used in explosive and flamable applications such as aluminum dust applications.
CHARCOAL-CP40 40 lb of CP Blend of chemisorbant and activated carbon blend.

  • Target Contaminants:
  • Hydrocarbons
  • VOC's
  • Oxides of sulfur
  • Formaldehyde
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Lower molecular weight aldehydes and organic acids