(12-011) VBF- HEPA H14 - ''2-Zone HEPA H14 Defence'' ventilation systems
The VBF ventilation systems have been designed to control, capture, filter and return contamiated air in a variety of workplaces.

Each system comes complete with 4-stage filtration:

1. Prefilter for larger particles >50 microns. (Washable)
2. High-efficiency F5 class secondary filter 40-60% efficiency on particles larger than 0.4 microns. (Disposable)
3. High-Efficiency HEPA H14 class final filter 99.995% efficient on particles smaller than 0.1 microns. (Delivered with Efficiency and leak test Certificate)
4. Outlet filter of washable Aluminum mesh (Washable)

  • UVC models are equipped with bacteria-killing UVC Lamps. The UVC lamps are placed before the HEPA H14 filter to kill bacteria attached to the secondary and final filters.
  • All VBF Air-purifiers come complete with 120V variable-speed EC motors. Units are delivered ready to plug in and use. The fan speed can be adjusted to suit precise "Draft free" airspeeds and "Ultra Quiet" noise levels.
  • The VBF Hoods are available in 4 lengths: 1m (2-4 people), 1.5m (4-6 people), 2m (6-8 people), and 2.5m (8-10 people).
  • The Duct kit is complete with lightweight sheet metal ducting, duct fitting, Chains (to hang the hood and duct), and Hooks (for the ceiling).
  • The duct kit and hood are simple to install and typically requires no more than 30 minutes to set up.
  • Designed in our typical heavy-duty "all steel" construction and using the highest quality materials.
  • All units are delivered complete with 4x5" diameter locking casters. Alternatively, 5" legs can be ordered separately.

    Lev-co's exclusive performance guarantee backs all systems.

    Also available in other configurations. AVALAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER on NOVEMBER 9th with deliveries expected mid-january.
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