Fume and Dust Extraction

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Superior Pollution Control Equipment

LEV-CO incorporates state-of-the-art ventilation system design, testing equipment and Auto-CAD software to develop their dust, exhaust or fume extraction systems. In fact, LEV-CO's products are so competent they comply with all ASHRAE, OSHA, ACGIH and Industrial Ventilation Guidelines.

Maintaining and improving air quality in your plant or workplace used to be just a concern. Such is no longer the case, it's the law! Breathe easier tomorrow by working with LEV-CO today.

Capture At Source - Extraction Arms
Dust & Fume Filter Units - Portable
Dust & Fume Filters - Per Work Station
Dust & Fume Filters - Centrally Ducted
Down Draft Tables
Back & Side Draft Systems
Updraft & Overhead Capture Systems
Dust, Fume & Vapor Control Booths
Ambient Air Cleaners-Dust Fume Vapor
Ducted Air Cleaners-Dust Fume Vapor
Mist Collectors
Hi-Vac & 'On Tool' Extraction Systems
Fans - Air Make Up and Exhaust
Vehicle Exhaust - Cars & Trucks
Portable Vehicle Exhaust
Industrial Hose & Duct Work
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