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This solution is probably one of the most efficient solutions we have ever offered. It involves the removal of the smoke and/or dust right from the “Jig” or fixture. As we extract the pollutants right off the fixture, we don’t let any of the contaminants pass through the workers breathing zone. This also ensures longer filter life, cleaner work zones and lower energy costs from motors and acclimatized air.

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Ideal for large bays typical in DOT, Military and heavy equipment service shops, these Articulating Crane Drops cover a extensive working range without interfering with obstacles such as overhead or Jib cranes. These systems are available in a multitude of hose diameters starting from 3" and going all the way up to 12" in diameter. In addition to the vast range of hose diameters, these systems also are available in different temperature ratings suitable for even the most extreme exhaust conditions such as dynamometers were temperatures can exceed 1500 degrees F.

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Canopy hoods, or exterior hoods, are those which are located above an emission source without enclosing it. Where the contaminant is a smoke, fume, or fine particulate and is not emitted with any significant velocity, the hood orientation is not critical. However, if the contaminant contains large particulates which are emitted with a significant velocity, the hood should be located in the path of the emission. As with welding, the process emits hot contaminated air and rises due to thermal buoyancy.

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Totally concealed, ceiling mounted air cleaners ideal for offices, lunchrooms, meetings rooms and computer rooms. A quiet yet efficient solution to clean work space.

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For those who require a "Pre-Engineered" Solution comprised of an Extraction Arm(s), a filtration system and a fan, these solutions may be ideal. They Range from simple 1 to 4 station systems and are available with a multitude of options such as self-cleaning filters, preventative maintenance gauges, etc. As a "Pre-Engineered solution they are easier to install, have a quicker delivery and are most often more cost effective due to their production methods.

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Compact Portable Dust Collectors

All-in-one portable dust and smoke collector: Convenience and efficiency with a combined filtration unit and source-capture extraction arm

Portable collectors are dust and smoke collection systems with added mobility and maneuverability. As compact smoke and dust collectors, these devices trap dust in the air, filter the air to remove dust and other impurities, and release the clean air back into the atmosphere just as a stationary filter does. Portable dust and smoke collectors are ideal for the collection of smoke, light to heavy dust, and fumes. Compact portable dust collectors provide many advantages in addition to their standard dust collection capabilities: 1. Portable: Easy to move and position 2. Added convenience in the dust collection proces 3. Able to use in several locations no need for power cords or additional equipment 4. Available in a wide range of sizes 5. Added features include the addition of HEPA filters

Multiple configurations suit your needs

Every company requires a different solution for effective collection of the dust and smoke. Each application presents its own unique set of considerations including: 1. Type process 2. Material being welded (processed?) 3. Number of operators working in a given area 4. Duration of time in operation 5. General ventilation of the plant. Portable source-capture filter units can be rolled from workstation to workstation and positioned in the same way a source-capture arm is positioned. They are an excellent solution if you are a contractor and other service personnel and need an off-site air purifier. These portable collectors are easily transported in the back of your van or truck. For plants that require periodic source capture at various locations, a portable collector may be the perfect solution.

Protect your employees from smoke and dust

Potentially hazardous dust and impurities in the air can be a considerable health risk to both you and your employees. Our portable dust and smoke collectors are essential to ensure clean and healthy air and a safe work environment. Additionally, these units can ease allergies by removing irritants in the air, avoid fires or dust explosions, and prevent damage to important machinery or equipment in the workplace. Purchase your portable dust and smoke collector and avoid employee health related workplace issues, keeping a safe and healthy work environment.

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Quite often “Clean Air” solutions are required throughout a workplace. Here are numerous systems that can be moved from location to location with ease. All of the systems come with either “Washable", "Self-Cleaning" or "Throw-Away” filters and are equipped with fan/motor assemblies to ensure adequate extraction at all times. We have put the word “Mobile” in brackets as we want to let you know that, even though these solutions may move very well across the shop floor, they may not be the best solution for bringing to the job-site. Please see “Off-Site” portable solutions for more details on these applications.

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Portable Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System are an ideal solution used in dealing with exhaust gases coming from "Non-Permanent" applications. These solutions come complete with Inlet and exhaust hoses, a "Non-Sparking" blower and a tailpipe adapter suited to most tailpipes. Features worth considering:
  • Withstand temperatures from exhaust
  • Ability to withstand the abrasion caused by the carbon soot particles
  • Robust construction
  • easy to roll/maneuver around apparatus and other equipment
  • Wash down construction
  • Crush proof exhaust hoses
  • No need to physically connect to the apparatus
  • Ability to exhaust a variety of other applications eg: Brake/Engine cleaners, BBQ, Spray balm, etc.)

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  • Sometimes the best solution for extracting fumes is right on the table. Sometimes the best solution for extracting welding fumes is right on the table. Downdraft Tables. The downdraft table serves as a workbench and is ducted to an external fan or filtration unit. A rigid grill supports the work, while the external fan or filtration system draws smoke and fumes down and away from the worker's breathing zone. A worker can weld, grind, and cut on the same table.

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    LEV-CO offers a wide variety of OEM replacement Parts for most brands of dust & Powder collection equipment. In addition we also offer filters: Air Intake systems, Regenerative air dryers and most custom engineered applications. AFFORDABLE REPLACEMENT MEDIA FOR THE FOLLOWING BRANDS: Torit® - Donaldson® - Farr® - AAF® - Wagner® - Dust Hog® - Binks® - ITW Gema® - Micro Air® - Wheelabrator® - Diemco® - Sly® - JBI® - Trion® - Fred® - Diversitech® - Enviroflex® - Nederman® - Plymovent® - Zeroblast® - Clemco® - Mac® - Polaris® - Scientific® - and MORE In this section we offer a sample of some of the dust collection filters we offer. If you don't see the one you are looking for, please email us with your specific requirements. When emailing us, please provide the 1 - Manufacturer's name, 2 - the Model number of the collector & 3 - the OEM filter part number if possible, if not please simply let us know the filter dimensions and we'll take it from there.

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    Here we show solutions for extracting MIST at source with the use of a dedicated filter/fan unit. Most of our customers who purchase these solutions do so because they either re-tool regularly, prefer a system without extensive ductwork and appreciate that this equipment can upgraded if the air quality legislation changes. The solution can also be re-applied to a new applications if the current process is eliminated, removing the need to alter ductwork and ensuring a long life span of the products. Please Note: as these filters are "SELF-DRAINING" it is important that the amount of dust being captured by these systems does not exceed more than 5% of the total extracted pollutant. If the dust quantity is kept to a minimum, filter life can be expected between 1 and 5 years depending on the application and runtime.

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    An ideal solution where pollutants & fugitive emissions need to be captured at source. Available in Stainless Steel, these “Arms”, also referred to as extractors, consist of tubes and/or hoses coupled with a self-supporting mechanism that allows the extraction hood to stay in place and hover near the source of pollution and/or emission. Typically these extractor arms can draw the pollutant from a distance up to 30” depending on the diameter of the arm and the type of fan used. These extractors have working radii of up to 40 feet, and come in multiple diameters required by different applications. These are ideal solutions in Pharmaceutical, chemical, and other applications where "Non-corrosive" or "Wash-Down" Products are required.

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    Quite often “Clean Air” solutions are required throughout a workplace. Here are numerous systems that can be easily used. All of the systems come with either “Washable", "Self-Cleaning" or "Throw-Away” filters and come available with either integrated or "Bolt-On" fan/motor assemblies to ensure adequate extraction at all times.

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    An ideal solution for a small office, meeting room or lunchroom. These units are typically mounted on the wall in the corner of a room to provide a circular motion of the filtered air.

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    Capture at Source Extraction Arms are used to capture airborne contaminants before the contaminants have a chance to reach the workers' breathing space.

    Available in several different designs:
    • Internally Supported
    • Externally Supported
    • Telescopic
    • Mild or Stainless Steel Construction
    • Lengths: Up to 45'
    • 2.5" to 8" Diameter's Available
    Typically the Extraction Arms are connected to a fixed extraction fan, Filter system or dust collector via direct mounting or a "Header Type" duct system.

    For more info, please see the products and associated documentation listed below.

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    Portable Dust & Fume Filter Units. Quite often “Clean Air” solutions are required throughout a work place. These units can be easily moved from location to location with ease while capturing dust and fumes where needed.

    Various Options in Filtering Systems Available:
    • Washable Filters
    • Cleanable Filters
    • Self-Cleaning Systems
    • Throw Away Filters
    All Units equipped with fan/motor assemblies to ensure adequate extraction at all times

    For more info, please see the products and associated documentation listed below.

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    Capture of a variety of airborne contaminants can be accomplished by placing a combination of hoses and capture and or receiving nozzles at the source. Holding devices such as magnets, suction cups and vice grips may be used to provide precise positioning.

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