Some of the Features and Benefits:

  1. Table dimensions: 79"x36" Large table surface allowing a lot of munitions to be sorted at one time

  2. Overall crated dimensions: 90"x40"x56" Compact design to allow cost effective shipping via air freight or container shipping

  3. 4ft long sling included Easy removal of the cover

  4. Fully welded To avoid transporting foreign sand and soils

  5. Weather and water tight crate construction Allow the unit to be stored outside for long period of time

  6. Powder coated surface Ensures long lasting durable surface

  7. Recessed latches Avoid the latches ripping off during the shipping

  8. Palletized steel base, brackets fully welded Simple shipping / no transport of sand and soil

  9. Checker plate pallet surface to minimize slippage and ensure a safe standing position

  10. Table face velocity 250 FPM makes sure that all toxic contaminant are drawn down to be filtration system

  11. Stainless steel perforated table  surface does not rust or corrode

  12. Pre-loading ammunition area stainless steel construction allows no rusting

  13. Removable plastic tray captures all rain and snow from ammunition to be sorted

  14. Variable rate shaker table (both amplitude and frequency) Allows the precise delivery of the ammunitions depending on the ammunition size and overall quantity of ammunitions loaded on the table at one time

  15. Linear shaking system no side to side movement allows for silent operation

  16. Adjustable chute guides the ammunitions to the precise drop off location

  17. Adjustable table slope allows for the most ergonomic use possible (easy to use)

  18. Anything in the air stream is explosion proof Minimized explosion risks

  19. Fully welded and sloped table basin Allows for easy cleaning

  20. Filter baffle  Avoid heavy particles to damage the filter surface

  21. PTFE filter cartridges High efficiency coupled with water resistivity

  22. Filter only access door Minimized operator contact during filter change out

  23. Five gallons dust drawer Simple to empty the dust

  24. External cam lock dust drawer  ensures no leakage

  25. Reverse pulse filter cleaning system Allows filters to be cleaned in place

  26. Spark proof non overloading fan Trouble free use

  27. Explosion proof motor and connections Minimize the risk of explosion

  28. HEPA after filters To ensure complete air filtration (99.97 @ 0.3 microns)

  29. Interconnected control panel Ready to use

  30. 230V single phase 50 or 60 Hz operation Can be used world wide

  31. Variable flow control when set to "AUTO" Ensures capture velocity remains constant as filter loads

  32. Manual override when set to "HAND" A switch that allows you to set at maximum flow rate when required

  33. Digital pressure gauges Provides bright user friendly LED read out

  34. NEMA 12 Control panel Ensures that no dust enter in the panel 

  35. 10 Gauge steel protective cover Provides additional protection for the control panel

  36. Redundant Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauges Provides back-up to the digital gauges